The Perfect Food Ideas For The Outdoors

Perfect Food Ideas For The Outdoors
With so many meals cooked indoors, sometimes we find that even the best dinner or lunch a little bland. Although summer is ending, and for many around the world snow will be falling, it does not mean that you can't cook outside. Here are some ideas for outdoor prepared meals that you will enjoy.

Grilled Steak

Even though grilling is considered a summer activity, you can still enjoy a grilled steak in the middle of winter. Many people use their grills year round. If you have a deck that you let the snow build up on consider keeping our Webber handy in the garage. You can do some driveway cookouts for football games or Saturday burgers and hotdogs with the family.

Garbage Can Roasted Turkey

One of my favorite ideas that I witnessed first hand was a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Last year I was invited to a friend's house for garbage can turkey! I declined laughing hysterically when invited, but was convinced to show up. They had roasted turkey under a metal garbage can by stacking firewood on the top. It was quite a production and as unsafe as this sounds, it turned out ok. No one was injured and the food was spectacular.

Cold October Morning
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Sometimes, Freeze-dried Foods Save the Day!

For those of us who live in warmer climates, you can enjoy a meal watching a sunset on your favorite beach. Even if there are fire bans, you can have a tasty meal in your favorite secluded spot. With the advancements in freeze dried food storage, you can buy gourmet meals that you can pack in your bag. Just add some warm water and enjoy a tasty treat seaside. If this sounds crazy all I can say is… don’t knock it until you try it. If you have ever had an Army MRE and thought they weren't bad, these will impress you.

With the amount of TV being watched increasing and our families spending more time apart than together, we tend to neglect the relationships that matter most. Getting outside and enjoying some fresh air together is a great way to combat that. Because food is such an essential part of our lives people have been coming together to enjoy food for centuries. Combining the two only makes sense. Give it a try and you might just be surprised how much fun it is!

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