The Latest Trends in Men's Outerwear

While men’s clothing doesn’t experience as many shifts as lady’s fashion, the current trends for men are changing, evolving and cycling at a much quicker rate than they once did. Men, too, want to put their best face forward, and that means staying on the cutting edge of fashion for both professional and casual attire. So just what are the latest trends in men’s fashion? These are just a few of the developments we have spotted.

The Use of Grey in All Its Shades
Grey is a classic color that can be found on suits, blazers, shirts, sweaters, scarves and practically any other garment imaginable, both for men and women. For men, grey is perfectly paired with either black or white, but it can also be used as the backdrop for brighter and bolder colors. This fall, grey is particularly popular with some of the most esteemed high-end retailers including Brooks Brothers and others, as well as fine designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Michael Kors.

Military Motifs Inspire More Color Choices
Grey is certainly popular with purveyors of fine men’s clothing, and that includes the shade of slate grey often associated with military garb. The military theme is a popular influence on many of the latest trends in men’s clothing, particularly when it comes to color choices. Forest green is another obvious choice in line with this trend. Military motifs are also appearing in items such as leather jackets and strapped casual outerwear.
Men's Outerwear

Duffle Coats for Fall and Winter
As the weather gets colder this autumn and winter, men will have many choices to stay warm. One noticeable trend is the duffle coat, which is typically made of a thick woolen material and adorned with toggles and deep pockets. Not sure what a duffle coat is? Just think of the kind of coat Paddington Bear usually wears, and you’ve got it. The more contemporary duffle coats are slimmer and more structured, however, so you don’t come across as an adventurous child or teddy bear.

Luxurious Fabrics for Special Occasions
While you might not want to go out dressed like a rock star or a fashion icon all the time, perhaps you would like an excuse to wear more sumptuous fabrics and fabulous duds from time to time. Well, you’re in luck, because luxurious fabrics are big in men’s outerwear at the moment, from cashmere and velvet to leather and fur.

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