The Garage; More Than A Place To Keep The Car Dry

Twenty to thirty years ago, the garage was just used as a place to store the family car and keep it away from the harsh outside weather conditions. The garage would also be used as a place to store Dad's tools, bikes and any household items which had lost their place on display in the home.

Pull time to the present day and the garage is being used by many as an extra room in the house. Advance in building techniques mean that what was once solely a bricked structure which provided no protection from chilly winter winds and housed all sorts of creepy crawlies is now a fully fledged heated room where anyone could spend a few hours quite comfortably.

With financial restrictions at an all time high, people are finding themselves having to look at slightly more cost effective ways of making the most of their home life. Whereas a number of years ago finding a new, larger property and moving to it was a realistic option, for scores of people nowadays it simply isn't. People are finding themselves having to be more resourceful and make their money go a lot further, especially when it comes to home buying and home improvements.

This is where spaces such as the garage come into play. Much like the way people utilise loft conversions to get the most out of the property, garage conversions have been steadily on the rise over the last few years.

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So what can you do with a garage conversion?
Well, you can quite simply do anything you wish. For the gym bunny in the household, turning the garage into a makeshift work out area that Rocky would be proud of is a realistic option, a cost effective option and an extremely workable option. Making sure the garage has everything equipment wise is simple enough, most gym equipment retailers will be able to supply whatever you could need to be able to comfortably and effectively sculpt those guns.

Got an aspiring musician in the household? No problem, convert the garage and you have a nice area for the next David Bowie or Lady Gaga to practise their stuff. If you think about it, sticking someone who is insistent on practising the drums in a soundproofed garage might not be a bad idea!
Garages can also make good office space if it has ample warmth, electricity, internet and whatever else is needed to power a business person.

The possibilities are endless... and if there is no need to convert, you can always go down the mechanics' route and put the car in there alongside your tools.
Shane Carmichael
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This guest blog is written by Shane Carmichael on behalf of Rollerdor.

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