The Do's and Don'ts of Getting and Giving a Massage

Massages have many benefits. Not only can they help improve your overall health and wellness, but they can also be an intimate way to set the mood for romance. If you plan on getting or giving a massage, the following are some do’s and don’ts to follow.

Do: Shower beforehand.
The masseuse is going to be placing lotions and oils on your body as well as touching you in a variety of places. It’s a nice gesture to shower to not only ensure that you’re clean when they’re about to touch you, but it can also help to open up your pores so that the lotions and oils can help soothe your body and so that your muscles will be more relaxed.

Don’t: Tense up.
If you’re not used to someone else touching you, getting a massage may make you feel a bit awkward, but you need to remember that the more you can relax your body, the more beneficial the massage will be.

Do: Tip
If you’re getting a massage from a professional, you want to make sure that you tip them. The best advice would be to leave 20%, but you can always give more or less depending on performance. Some massage therapists only get paid on tips, so forgetting to leave one could be detrimental to their earnings.

Getting and Giving a Massage

Don’t: Be afraid to talk beforehand.
If there are certain parts of your body that need special attention, or if there are certain areas that you don’t watch touched, then don’t be afraid to talk to your massage therapist before the massage begins. They will not be offended if you make requests.

Do: Apply pressure.
A good massage involves applying pressure, but you need to make sure that you’re pressing too hard. If you’re too light, you will not give the person any of the massage benefits. If you’re too strong, then you could end up hurting the person you’re massaging.

Don’t: Ignore the environment.
The environment and ambiance of the massage is just as important as the massage itself. Make sure that you use a room that is a soothing as possible, and make sure that you consider items such as lighting or music too. Turn the lights down low so that it’s more relaxing, and don’t be afraid to turn on soothing music in the background to help them be more comfortable.

Do: Use oils and lotions.
Trying to massage with your bare hands can be rough, so it’s very important that you use oils and lotions to reduce any amount of friction that may occur. Plus, if you use the right scent, it could help the person you’re massaging relax.

Don’t: Stay in the same area.
The massage is all about the entire body. Some people think that they should only stick to the back, but this is not true. A great massage also involves the neck, head, arms and legs. When you cover the entire body during the massage, your recipient will enjoy it even more.

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Julie Myers
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Julie Myers has been a physical therapist for six years.  In her spare time, she enjoys writing about therapy and the most relaxing and soothing massage techniques.

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