The 10 Essential Pieces To Pack For Your Winter Sun Break

When it comes to packing for a holiday, most of us put far too much stuff in our suitcases. We spend ages rushing around trying to assemble the perfect holiday wardrobe, and when it comes to it, we don’t wear half of what we take with us.

What you need if you are packing for a winter sun break this year is a capsule wardrobe, featuring the essentials you need to look and feel great in any holiday situation. You can then build the rest of your holiday wardrobe around these essential style pieces, throwing in a few accessories and extras to complement your main outfits.

So, here are the 10 pieces you must pack for your upcoming holiday:

1. Comfortable  sandals
Sandals are the ideal laid-back footwear for a holiday, keeping your feet cool and complementing virtually any outfit. However, choose sandals which are practical and comfortable as well as looking great, just in case you end up having to walk a distance or do any exploring. Avoid thong sandals and flip flops, and go for gladiator sandals instead.

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2. A maxi dress
Comfortable, fashionable and cool, the maxi dress was made for holidays. They are perfect for covering up on the beach and you can also glam up your maxi dress at night simply by changing your shoes.

 3. Medium-heel stilettos or wedges
These are your party shoes, worn at night when hitting the bars or for a romantic harbour-side meal. Don’t go for too high a heel, however, as you are supposed to be on holiday and you need to be comfortable.

4. A bikini or swimsuit you feel fantastic in
You’re allowed to throw a couple of these in, but you simply don’t need a different swimsuit for every day of your holiday. As long as you have one or two pieces of swimwear that fit you well and make you feel confident, you can rinse them out and wear them again.

5. Face-flattering sunglasses
Take your time to choose sunglasses which flatter your face. They should also be sturdy (so they won’t break when crammed into your suitcase), comfortable to wear and have the adequate UV protection.

6. Tailored shorts
If you pick the right pair, tailored shorts can be worn in the daytime and at night, when paired with the right shoes and top.

7. A light cardigan or jacket
You never know when the weather will turn chilly, especially in the evenings. Rather than shivering, take a light cardigan or jacket in a tan-flattering colour to throw on when you need to.

8. A couple of cami or vest tops
Whilst technically more than one item, vest or cami tops take up virtually no space and they can be very useful when you just need a top to throw on. Take one in black for eveningwear and one in white to flatter your tan.

9. A jumpsuit or playsuit
Like maxi dresses, jumpsuits or playsuits are all-in-one outfits that can be worn in the day or at night. They don’t take up much space in your suitcase either.

10. A hat
This is another essential when going anywhere sunny. Choose one that shades your face, in a neutral colour that goes with all of your other clothes.

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