Simple Recipe Ideas for Leftovers

Food is certainly one of the largest expenses for most modern-day families; therefore it is only logical for any penny-pinching strategy to make good use of the holiday leftovers. Also, you already went through all the effort of purchasing and cooking the food the first time - why not take a few minutes to transform it into meal again?

Most leftovers recipes are quick and easy, all you need is a little creativity and inspiration. The following is a list of classic recipes to get your creative juices flowing.

This is always an easy way to clear the fridge - Simply boil some noodles, add a can of soup and toss in whatever leftovers you still have. Casseroles are an excellent way to use up to two pounds of leftover turkey or cold meats. One can also add a bag of frozen vegetables to bulk up on the nutritional value of the meal.

This is a brilliant Italian method for recycling leftover foods. Lasagne can be a lot more than the standard meat, cheese sauce and pasta. Mushrooms are always a welcome addition, as is any type of meat. Squashes or any other similar vegetables can also be included to bulk-up the dish.

Simple Recipe Ideas

Chilli Con Carne:
Chilli recipes are especially good for using any leftover meats. Steak, turkey, hamburger, ham and even cold meats will work just fine. Depending on how spicy you like your chilli sauce - this dish can be a fantastic way to use up any dry or bland meats. Chillies have a way of covering up all sorts of culinary crimes.

This is a great recipe for leftover meats and vegetables. Pasta is always a lifesaver when it comes to leftovers. Simply fry an onion, add all your leftover meats and vegetables in one pot. Make a simple white sauce in another pot, and add it to the leftover ingredients to create a nice sauce. Boil some pasta – and voila – A pasta is has been created. If you are worried that it might be a little bland, simply add some spices or cream to enhance the flavour.

This is what most Italians do with their leftovers. Simply make or buy plain bread or pizza dough, flatten the dough like a pizza and add whatever is on hand. Then – simply fold it over, pinch the side together and bake for it about 25 minutes. Calzones are ideal if you have a combination of odd ingredients that will not suite any traditional recipe. Use that lingering half cup of spinach in one calzone, and that spare chicken breast across two others.

Leftover vegetables are a great addition to omelettes, as are all those portions of various cheeses from your last party. This is another one of those great dishes for using up small portions of ingredients.
It isn’t hard to cook with your leftover. Simply follow basic recipe guidelines and experiment – Happy cooking.

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