Seven Eco-Friendly Renovation Ideas

Eco-Friendly Renovation Ideas
After a while your home, as like everything else in life, begins to show signs of aging and needs to be updated. Instead of moving, why not upgrade your home in seven eco-friendly ways:

Number One – Buy Reclaimed
Do not get caught up with having to have the latest and greatest. Think of other environmentally friendly materials you can use in your home, such as reclaimed wood. This would be a great choice for counter-tops, flooring or even walls.

Number Two – Deconstruct, Don’t Demolish
Before simply tearing down the walls or ripping up the flooring, walk around the house and carefully assess the materials. See what you can salvage and re-use. Consider items like lighting, tiles, wood, bricks or cabinets. Another tip is to try moving the item, for instance: if you do not like the chandelier in the dining room, consider moving it into another room and see what a change it can make.

Number Three – Donate Unwanted Goods
Once you have decided on the items you do not want to keep, do not through them away. Rather donate them to a charity shop for others that may not have access to these items.

Eco-Friendly Renovation Ideas

Number Four – Think Energy-Efficient
When shopping for new items in the home – light fixture, refrigerator, oven, stove top or dishwasher – look for the ones that are the most energy efficient. Most products come with a five-star rating system that will help you determine the amount of water/electricity it will use to operate the machine.

Number Five – Re-Face Not Replace
The first instinct we have is to rip out the cupboards in the kitchen or bedrooms and replace them with new ones. Instead of replacing the cupboard, why not replace the door instead. This will give you the fresh look you desire, but at a fraction of the cost.

Number Six – Use Low Voc Paint
Low voc paint is an earth-friendly paint that is odourless, one hundred percent acrylic and splatter resistant. Using paint is often a ‘quick fix’ to making small alterations to create large changes in the home. Remember to use a colour that suits the new design, look and feel of the home.

Number Seven – Insolate
The more you insolate your home, the less you need to work to get the temperature right in the home. Insolation helps keep heat out in summer and the cold at bay in the winter months. Remember to add insolation to the roof, walls, floors, windows and doors.

In conclusion, renovating your home allows you the opportunity to create a completely different home. Ensure that you use these seven eco-friendly tips that will help save you money and look after the environment.

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Greg Jones
About the Author:

I am Greg Jones a home loans officer and property financer. In my line of work, I often find people looking to buy slightly run down homes and trying to fix them up. This article is a compilation of seven ideas people had in home renovations and how this will help improve your house.

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