Securing Your Residential Property

With the festive season upon us, and many of us travelling away on holiday and taking leave from the regular humdrum of our lives, the security of our residential property is of concern. Often homeowners when making purchases of property or moving into a rental space take extra time and effort to establish possible security flaws and environmental factors that can make a difference to their and their family’s safety.  With technology constantly evolving and new security measures being developed constantly, what are the most appropriate security systems on the market and what are some of the pros and cons of each system that can be installed.

External Security Fixtures

Fixtures are one of the basic security features that people can discern from evaluating home security. Burglar bars are a cost effect as well as slam lock doors or any type of barrier security. Installation is often simple as well and can often be done by the home owner themselves and these fixtures are noted by insurance companies in regards to lower household insurance rates. While these systems are very effective, they can often affect the aesthetics of the house and make a person feel trapped inside their home, rather than creating the feeling of security. Depending on whether the environmental or internal factors demand a higher level of security of the house installing this security fixture may be the route that many home owners take as a theft deterrent.

Residential Property

Alarm and Response Systems

Personal Alarm and response systems are often used in conjunction with security fixtures to ensure that when you are away from your property that you have a response to possible break-ins as well as having a notification system.  Alarm systems can be internal focused as well as having perimeter systems in place, from beam systems along boundaries to pressure based triggers. These systems are more expensive than physical barrier systems and will always require a professional for maintenance as well as installation. Monthly payments are required for response services and will add to property finance plans and budgeting for the long term. The issue that many home owners have is finding the correct personal security company that offers a reliable response service that is dependable, as many have been found lacking in customer service.

Many people will opt for a combination system for the security of their own homes, both the personal attention of a third part as well as the security of barrier systems. With new developments becoming affordable for home owners, such as electrified fencing, and the changing nature of home safety, it is unclear which way the market will develop, however we do realise that protecting your personal property will always be a necessity.
Terrence Stoker is a freelance blogger who focuses on technology and finance. Every year around the festive season, people leave houses unattended and often go on holiday. While sometimes a sizeable investment, home security should be included in property financial plans and added to any home loan repayment calculator as an initial investment when purchasing a property. Choosing the right system, is the difference to each home owner.

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