Scandi-Mania - The rise in Popularity of Scandinavian Children's Clothing

When you look at many of the rising stars in the kid’s clothing market it is astonishing how many of the brands emanate from the Scandinavian countries. With labels like Molo Kids, Pale Cloud and Mar Mar currently staking a considerable claim in the market what is behind the popularity of these independent brands?

Big Brands

Perhaps we are prepared to put our trust in Scandinavian clothing brands because of our preconceived notions about the qualities of Scandinavian goods developed through a familiarity with some huge global brands. Most people are very familiar with IKEA and LEGO which both scream colour and fun alongside clean lines and versatility. IKEA clearly have a reputation for practical, modern and functional design together with reasonable prices and Volvo, another Scandinavian giant, have a reputation for solidity and safety. All of these brands share the values of practicality and timeless aesthetics and give a sense that you get what you pay for. In a world where many are searching for cheaper and cheaper prices it would appear that there are still a fair few looking for quality and durability at a fair rather than rock bottom price.

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Another iconic export from the region, the pop group Abba are known for their joyous sound and flamboyant, colourful outfits. Abba made it OK to be colourful and that theme is present today in the Scandinavian brands. Thank goodness, because the modern day high street offerings are so often homogenised fashion for children with stereotypical pink and blue colours and mini versions of adult styles. The playfulness of childhood and the development of individual style seems to have lost under an endless stream of mini-me styles that are interchangeable from brand to brand. The clothes offered by the independent Scandinavian labels provide an alternative with interesting colours, fun designs and distinctly youthful looks. The clothes shout individuality and playfulness and perhaps this is what parents are finding so appealing.

Personal Style

Scandinavian children do not wear school uniforms which allows them to develop an interest in fashion and evolve a personal style from an early age. In addition the lack of uniforms means that children’s clothes are worn more often and so need to be practical and durable for both school and play. Scandinavian people also tend to be quite informal and place an emphasis on quality and practicality rather than luxurious style and the region experiences cold winters which require warm and comfortable clothing. All these factors have undoubtedly lead to the qualities of fun, practicality and quality found in Scandinavian children’s wear and now parents across the world are seeing the benefits too. The clothing may not be the cheapest but it will be child appropriate, long lasting, comfortable and fun.

The Environment

Scandinavians are generally very environmentally aware and their concerns are reflected in the clothing. Many of the brands from the region focus on eco-friendly, sustainable materials and production making their clothes the natural choice for the environmentally aware. Parents are increasingly choosing earth friendly attire for their kids and this is yet another reason for the increasing success of the region’s fashion brands.

Funky but Practical

Whether we are all searching for quality and practicality or clothes that are child appropriate and fun, there is no doubt that Scandinavian children’s fashion is here to stay. It would seem that parents are making a move away from the high street to more sustainable and funky fashion for their children.
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