Say 'I Do' to Classy Attire and Wedding Etiquette for Guests

Since PMiddy walked behind her sister at last year’s Royal Wedding in white, there has been a surge of woman doing to same. Traditionally a fashion faux pas, wedding etiquette for guest’s attire has changed considerably over the past decade, and often it is difficult to discern the wedding etiquette dress code do’s from the don'ts. Thus to avoid any stroppy brides on her big day, we’ve outlined a guideline for wedding attire etiquette.

Always Dress According to the Invite

Never assume that wedding attire is formal, but rather refer to the invitation. As wedding venues become more creative and elaborate, dress attire becomes more varied too. Dress codes can range from highly formal ‘white tie’ to the everyday ‘casual’ (although jeans and T shirts are never acceptable). When considering wedding etiquette also take into account the time and location of the ceremony and reception, as this will help you choose the appropriate clothing and accessories.

Dress Colour

Although Pippa Middleton wore white to her sister’s wedding day, in my books it’s still a complete no-no. The last thing you want to do is upstage the bride, and in the case of the royal wedding, many of the British tabloids were talking about Pippa’s bottom as opposed to the blushing bride. Thus the cardinal rule of wedding attire etiquette remains: Do not wear white, or any shade of white for that matter, on the wedding day.

 Wedding Etiquette for Guests

On the other end of the colour spectrum, wearing a black dress to a wedding is a contested issue. Black is traditionally worn by mourners and so for a wedding celebration the colour may seem inappropriate. However, black is also the colour of formalwear, and is completely appropriate for a formal wedding, after all, tuxedos and men’s suites are black. Just make sure that you lighten the mood of your black dress with the correct accessories, which brings us to our next topic.

Shoes and Accessories

Even if the dress is perfect, do not steal the show with a large and obnoxious hat, handbag, pair of shoes or makeup. Although one can be fashionable, the line must be drawn at garish. Weddings are about the love of two people, and not the love of attention. On a similar note, for good wedding attire etiquette avoid skimpy or revealing outfits that draw the wrong kind of attention. Rather opt for an outfit that exudes elegance and sophistication, and you will continue to find wedding invitations in your mail box.

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