Practical Shoe Ideas To Wear In The Snow

When it's wintertime, it can be kind of hard to find winter boots. Finding a perfect balance of style and substance can be a bit challenging. You usually see people with impractical winter shoes that are stylish, or boots that are all substance, and not attractive. How can you find a good balance of the two without breaking the bank?

If you're interested in a boot, then there are a lot of really great ideas for you. If you're going for an edgy look, try an Army surplus store. At these stores, they have many great options for winter boots, for both men and women. A pair of black or desert-style military boots can add a very unique edge to your look. Not only will these not cost too much, but they will last several winters, provided that they are maintained properly. These boots are often waterproof, as well, which is an important quality for a good winter boot. Ask the employees which shoes would be best for winter - they are generally very knowledgeable about what they're selling.

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Another great idea for a winter shoe is the duck shoe or boot. These fun shoes are great for both men and women, and do a really terrific job of keeping your feet warm during the winter. The rubber and leather outsides and fur insides are a sure fire way to keep your feet warm and dry this season. Duck shoes also won't cost you too much money, and will last you more than one seasons if properly maintained, making them a good choice for winter. Both duck shoes and boots are available, but if you opt for a shoe, make sure you wear thick, long socks, so the snow doesn't come in contact with your skin on accident.

A shoe that is more geared towards women, but are a great practical shoe, are moon boots. Moon boots are a large puffy boot that look great, and keep your feet really warm, too. They're very fashionable right now - a fun, young look. Since most moon boots can go on either your left or right foot, they're great to just slip on when you have to take the dog for a walk at night, and don't have time or energy to fuss over which shoe to put on which foot. These generally carry a mid range price tag, so don't worry about spending too much money on them.

Since what boots and shoes to wear have been covered, here are some types of unpractical shoes to avoid during the winter. Don't wear shoes that are covered in fake fur. While these do look cute, they aren't really for snow. Definitely not a great choice for people who find themselves treading through snow - when it melts, it'll ruin the exterior of the shoe. Also, stay away from canvas sneakers and soft leather shoes for the exact same reason. The melted snow will ruin the outside of the shoe, and soak through and get your feet wet.

Make sure your feet keep warm this winter, with a pair of practical and fashionable shoes. There's a style and a price for everyone, so get out there and find a great pair of shoes for you and your family this season.
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