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Having your own supply of beer within your home that you've cultivated and created is probably a fantasy that many have dreamed of - but never committed to - despite the benefits. Imagine the pride and success that will shower over you like a cold beer once you've mastered your style and created the best home brew suited to your taste. But hold on, you can't just 'hop' into the realm of home brewing without doing some initial research and preparation.

Get Quality Ingredients
Choosing the best, freshest ingredients can be the difference between a spectacular taste and a stale one. Dry yeast is cheap, relatively easy to use and it takes a while before it goes out of date - but by using it you jeopardise the flavouring. Liquid yeast may be more expensive and has half the shelf life, but the variety of liquid yeast available allows the home brewer to experiment and create a deeper level of taste. For the best flavours its best to use fresh ingredients, like most food and drink adventures, as they provide a better zest.

Quality Ingredients
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There is a wealth of information out there on home brewing and it's best to have a look around before you start, as you want to get the taste that's right for you. Your first time may not be the flavour you're after as it does take time to hone in on your skills, but there is no harm getting acquainted with the techniques.

Is It Sterile?
As soon as your beer is in the process of cooling you need to make sure that everything that touches it is sterile. This is because yeast is prone to attracting bacteria and therefore ruining the brew before the yeast ferments.

Control The Temperature
Keeping an eye on the temperature of your brew is important. You don't want to boil the alcohol because let's be honest it's an essential part of the mixture. Maintaining a cool, dry temperature is essential for the best fermentation.

Get good equipment
If you're serious about making the best beer it's a good idea to get high quality equipment. If you're in the brewing business for the long run you can save a lot of money by getting a quality chiller, glass fermentor and a good pot.

Creating your own beer is a wondrous achievement once mastered and with a little preparation and enthusiasm you can successfully create any beer, wine or ale of your choice.
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