Most Wanted: Mercedes C Class

Most Wanted: Mercedes C Class

Car leasing opens up a world of possibilities. From twin engine turbo’s to reliable family saloons any car is available on the market to lease for a short time or for a lengthier period. Recent research has found that the most desirable searched for contract hire car of 2012 was the Mercedes C- Class. The car topped most wanted for both personal and business use throughout the year.

Insider expert, Richard Lawton explained his predictions for 2013, ‘With a new face-lifted E-Class out now, a new generation Volkswagen Golf now making deliveries and a BMW 4 series out soon, we expect that these models will have a big impact on the market through 2013. Expect to see the continued success of the Range Rover Evoque too, which is providing to be a big hit with business and personal customers.

Car leasing has benefits especially during times of recession. Monthly payments can be less than a personal loan type and often at lower interest rates, as Lawton added, ‘Though the UK car market remains low during recessional times, we expect this year to show signs of recovery especially as leasing is an affordable way for customers to get the car they love –monthly payments are always lower than a purchase finance agreement.’ On average payments can be between 35% to 55% less costly than a car loan and only a small deposit is required.

 Mercedes C Class
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Car leasing also opens up the chance to drive away a car that may never be in your price range to buy outright, yet monthly payments can give you the opportunity to drive it whilst avoiding pesky payments connected with vehicles such as road tax. It is also a smart way to make your money go further by using the ability to update or buy your car every few years. If the car decreases in value in its first few years – as many European and Japanese cars do, once they are faced with some miles on the clock and some general wear and tear it is best to loan the car and then make the payments to purchase it. For vehicles that may hold their value a little longer and still be unaffordable it is best to lease the car for 2 to 4 years and then upgrade to a new model.

It is no wonder that the C-Class was so highly placed offering style, safety and speed in one place – perfect for business and pleasure.
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