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People with serious amounts of money are not interested in dull and old houses, they prefer contemporary, luxurious and roomy properties and the houses have to have elegant interior design, fine-looking gardens and opulent architecture. Various Johannesburg properties match the aforementioned description, all one needs to do is look carefully. Johannesburg has always been a city that attracted those wishing to earn the highest salaries; some people may think there aren’t any luxurious properties for the stable person who wants to settle down in dazzling homes. There are quite a number of upmarket suburbs that have very pleasant properties. Below are my personal favorites.

Houghton Estate
Glorious views, very old trees, clean and spacious streets are what residents of Houghton Estate take pleasure in on a daily basis. This estate comprises of Upper and Lower Houghton and it is here that one can witness one of the best man made forests ever created.  The estate is strategically located close to amenities such as upmarket shopping malls, high standard schools, places of worship and movie theatres. Being one of the safest and greenest, this estate has a natural attraction to the affluent.
Most residents are well established and they own the homes they stay in, some being in this area for up to ten years. Properties in the area are placed quite high on the market. A house in this fine Johannesburg suburb is an excellent investment. This estate is populated by quite a number of buildings and houses of historical value. Among the many residents of this jaw-dropping suburb is the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

City Of Gold
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One of the most opulent areas in Johannesburg, Sandton reigns as the most significant financial and business district in South Africa. Since the 1990s, Sandton saw an influx of residents as they fled from Johannesburg CBD. Since then it has been seen as the materialistic centre of South Africa.
An upmarket suburb and home to top investment banks, financial consultants, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and a convention centre which is among the biggest in the content. The trendy and elite suburb houses plenty of prestigious properties, lavish hotels, art galleries as well as world class restaurants. Glass and chrome make up the Manhattan style skyscrapers, particularly Sandton City mall. Other areas under Sandton such as Gallor Manor, Athol, Bryanston, Craighall also exude the same elegance and opulence in the property style.

Owning a property in one of these two areas is the best investment decision you could make as the areas are upmarket which only means properties increase in value.
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