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Loyalty to a certain brand is not uncommon when it comes to a variety of goods on the market today.  For example, fans of a specific food or drink product may remain loyal to their brand no matter what other options are available to them.  Another industry that often sees fiercely loyal consumers is the auto industry. For some loyalties within this industry may even be passed down through generations of family. Are you loyal to a specific manufacturer? Do not be ashamed to admit it if you are, because you are not alone.  One auto maker who often garners quite a following is Chevrolet. Now a branch of the General Motors Corporation this long time brand has produced many models over the years.

As with many long lasting items, vehicles sometimes need to be maintained in order to ensure peak performance. This is where the skilled hands found at a Chevy service center may come in handy.

Before we take a look at these specialized service centers, let’s take a moment to look at the brand in general. Beyond the road, loyal fans and even casual observers are able to see and hear the manufacturer’s name in a variety of different ways. One of which is through its involvement in athletics. This involvement can vary from sponsoring the events surrounding an all-star game to sponsoring an entire team.  A team sponsorship may involve certain members of the organization receiving vehicles. For example some members of the internationally renowned soccer club Manchester United recently received the Volt and Captiva models as part of Chevrolet’s new sponsorship deal.


Keeping the recent news in mind, here is a brief look at both models. Many of you have probably heard of the Volt in the recent years. It is Chevy’s first entry into the hybrid car market.  The car offers two modes of power. Primarily, it is designed to function using electrical power. In this mode you may get approximately thirty miles. However, it does offer an extended range mode where the electric power combines with traditional gasoline and may last you up to roughly 375 miles before you need to fill up or recharge.

The Captiva combines the technology available in a volt with the space available in a small sport utility vehicle. It is powered by an Australian built motor that offers a five speed automatic transmission.

No matter which year and model of Chevy you choose to own, one thing will remain constant. Everyone wants their vehicle to be well maintained and preform to the best of its capabilities. Getting your vehicle worked on at a Chevy service center is one way to ensure that genuine parts and services are being used. These centers are staffed by men and women trained specifically on Chevrolet parts and technology. If you are in need of these services contact your local center. They will be able to further assist you in whatever your situation calls for.
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