Leasing a Car? - Top Money Saving Tips

With today's climate of financial insecurity finding the capital to buy a car in one lump sum is not always realistic. Leasing a car can provide a realistic solution to driving the car of your dreams out of a car dealer's forecourt. Although despite the multiple financial advantages of leasing a car as opposed to buying one, many people are put off by the fees associated with hiring a vehicle.
If you are thinking about leasing a car, but are concerned that it will cost you more money in the long-term, take a look at the following top tips related to hiring a car on a contract.

From buying a house to purchasing a new car, the contemporary fragile financial climate has paved a trend to negotiate before we buy.
If you are going to buy a car at the end of the lease, it is in your interest to negotiate the purchase price of the vehicle before you sign the contract. Reducing the purchase price of the car will ultimately mean that you save money on the monthly repayments.

Top Money Saving Tips on Cars

Choose a car that doesn't depreciate in value too quickly
Some vehicles depreciate in value much quicker than others. When you are buying a car outright, a vehicle's depreciation value is likely to be reflective of the cost of the car. When you are leasing a car, in order to keep your monthly payments as low as possible, it is important that you don't lease a car that will depreciate faster than average.

Ensure the lease extends beyond the car's factory warranty
One of the main appeals of leasing a car as opposed to buying one is that the former provides you with protection and consequently peace of mind. It is therefore important that you avoid leases that extend beyond a car's factory warranty.

Purchase extra miles
When you take out a car on a lease you will be allocated a number of miles, which are usually a standard allotment. It you foresee that you will exceed these miles; you may want to consider buying extra miles up front. Buying additional miles up front can help save you money, as any additional mileage coverage that has not been paid for up front often comes at a higher rate.

The money spent on any miles that you don't use will be reimbursed to you when you return the vehicle.

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