Insuring Your New Motorcycle - Things You Need To Know

The purchase of your first motorcycle is enough to ignite a series of exhilarating emotions – but the cost of insuring the bike can put the brakes on your excitement. Unfortunately, if you have the advantage of youth on your side, you’ll likely be viewed as a higher risk when it comes to insurance.
Although this can be a maddening experience for a new rider, it’s worthwhile heeding the following advice to ensure you receive the best possible deal:

Size matters
When it comes to cheap motorcycle insurance, size definitely DOES matter. Putting aside your testosterone-fuelled zeal for the biggest and fastest motorcycle on the market can be difficult for the excited first-timer. However, starting off small and working up to a more powerful machine – and a decent no claims bonus – is the way to do it.

You’re never too old to learn
Don’t be tempted to drive like a madman once you’ve obtained your licence. Nobody likes a show off. It increases the chance of an accident AND a rise in the cost of your insurance premium. Keep it safe – the real learning starts once you’ve passed your test.

The less time you spend on the road will reduce your chances of making a claim – and this will result in lower premiums. It’s crucial you’re accurate when declaring your mileage as any mistakes can result in your insurance cover being voided. Additionally, the fewer miles on the clock, the more cash you’ll receive for the bike when you come to sell it.


Type of cover
The level of cover you choose will decide the price of your premium. Opting for Third Party only is likely to save you cash, but it won’t cover any damage to the bike if it’s damaged and it’s your fault. If your bike is relatively inexpensive, it’s a good option. Opting for fully comprehensive cover is generally more expensive, but it provides additional protection to your expensive machine if stolen or damaged.

Keep your bike secure
It may sound obvious, but keeping your bike protected with a high-quality lock in a secure area, preferably a garage, is a great way to reduce your insurance premium. Additionally, fit your bike with an alarm and keep your mileage to a minimum. And there you have it – some simple steps to help you save on your insurance AND ensure your bike is in peak condition for many more years of happy riding!
Mark Cuthill
About the Author:

Mark Cuthill is passionate about motorcycles and treats his like one of the family. He has contributed this guest post on behalf of Motorcycle News, industry leaders in the search for cheap motorcycle insurance.

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