Insider Tips For Maximizing the Sale Value of Your Home

In today’s property market it can be very tough to get a sale price that you are happy with. There are a few inside tricks of the trade that real estate agents use to push up the price, so if you are selling your home make sure to consider using these tips.

A small investment in your front and back yard can make a huge difference to how buyers will value your property. Obviously your garden should be clean and tidy, but also consider popping down to the garden center and purchasing some cheap and cheerful flowering bedding plants.
It won’t take long to plant them in your beds and it will immediately make your home seem full of life, beautiful and a place that buyers will want to live. This small expenditure can immediately transform a buyer’s first impression of your home and how they feel about it.

Neutral Walls and Flooring
Light-colored walls and floors are important for two reasons. They help to make the space seem bigger, and also they allow buyers to better imagine their own possessions and style in the home. In essence, you are trying to create a blank slate that buyers can put their own aesthetic into.
While it can be hard to pack away your own possessions and hide your personality it could be worth it when your home sells more quickly and for a better price.

 Maximizing the Sale Value of Your Home
Classic Furniture Pieces
If you have any classic mission style furniture or other timeless pieces make sure to display them when buyers visit your property. Beautiful and classic pieces of furniture give an air of elegance and style and will protect your home from seeming too old fashioned or too trendy. There is a reason these pieces are so popular with people from all walks of life.

Bake Some Cookies
Smells can have a deep subconscious effect on how we perceive our environment and the emotions that we feel. Bake a batch of cookies before buyers come to view your house to fill the air with a homey, comforting scent. Be careful not to have too many other scents in your home or it could become overpowering and cloying.

Natural Light
Try to schedule your viewings for the times when the interior of your home will be getting plenty of natural light. You want the property to seem bright and airy, so don’t have people come to view it in dark evenings.

Bear in mind that natural light will show off dirt and imperfections that might otherwise be hidden, so ensure you do a thorough walk-through and deep cleaning before each viewing.

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