Identifying the Perfect Hiking Trails in Cyprus: Do's and Don't

Cart tracks dominated the main road network of Cyprus during the ancient times. Today, these road paths are still visible, and are still used by some villagers to transport their produce elsewhere. Nevertheless, it is one of the main attractions of the country, and you will be happy to see these paths covered in thick vegetation as traces of old bridges stand in evidence of its years of existence.

Friendly Tips when Going on a Hiking Trail

The following are things you should remember before going on a hiking trail in Cyprus, and elsewhere in the world:

Choice of Sensible Walking Shoes

Your feet become your vehicle to reach many places. Choose comfortable walking shoes and you will have a fantastic hiking experience. You should wear these hiking shoes for a day or two with normal walks, and if it does not leave any scar then you have chosen well. Otherwise, go and find another because you do not want to hinder the group from enjoying the rest of the trail just because you can’t endure the pain caused by your unfriendly pair of shoes.

Hiking Trails in Cyprus

Bring Plenty of Drinking Water

Lots of perspiration entails loss of body fluid. Keep your body hydrated by bringing plenty of drinking water. Do not expect to find someone selling bottled water on these trails, because no one does. Therefore, be prepared and be ready to carry it with you during your trail walk.

Give Respect to the Environment

The beauty of the trail is meant to be shared with everyone. It is not your private property. Therefore, as a responsible hiker and a visitor, you are expected to dispose of your litter accordingly and control yourself from picking or cutting wildflowers and plants. You may take images of these beautiful plants, but never take it with you because others deserve to see its beauty too.

The Dangers of Water Holes

Do not be too curious when it comes to water holes, because snakes enjoy lurking in these places. Sad to say, there are eight species of snake in Cyprus and one of these are very dangerous to man, the Vipera lebtina. Stay safe and avoid going off the trail, unless you have a guide who is knowledgeable of the place and has granted you a go signal to do as you wish.

Top Ten Trailing Trails in Cyprus

Since you are now prepared to go on a hiking trail adventure in Cyprus, it is time to select which among the following places would most likely fit your preference:
  • CedarValley
  • Pitsylia
  • Kavo Greko
  • Akamas
  • Stavros Tis Psokas
  • AthalasaNational Forest Park
  • MachairasForest
  • Troodos
  • EU Long Distance Path
  • Kyparissia
For additional information on these hiking trails, you are more than welcome to contact the Forestry Department of Cyprus.

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Anthony Mencks is an avid trail hiker. He has explored several trails in Asia and he is now enjoying discovering the trails in Europe. Come and visit Cyprus for an unforgettable trail hiking experience. Find a quality Cyprus car rental today and make your trip more enjoyable.

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