How to Plan A Party Menu Your Guests Will Never Forget

With the start of the new year, we all find ourselves looking forward to all of the fun activities to come during the year. Just because it's the end of the holiday season it definitely doesn't mean that the fun is going to stop! There will be potlucks, barbecues, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, and more.

And if you're like me, you will be the one planning many of those parties and events. I don't know about you, but I'm the type of person that loves to plan a party. But knowing how many other parties my friends and family members go to during the year, I am always looking for ways to make my parties stand out. With all of the work I put into planning and preparing for my party, I want to make sure that it will be an event my guests will remember!
So, with my experiences with party planning, what tips do I have to share? Well, the first thing I will tell you, is that it's all about the food.

So with that in mind, here are 3 tips to help you plan a party menu that your guests will never forget:

Party Menu

1. Theme

The best way to plan a memorable menu for your party is to start with a theme. If you choose a fun or unique theme for your menu, or for your party in general, it will instantly make that menu feel more special and memorable. With just a few simple extra steps, using a theme can turn everyday, ordinary food items into fun and memorable dishes. Using a theme will also make the rest of your planning much easier. It will give you an anchor to your party; something to tie everything else together.
Choose a theme for your party and then plan your menu around it. Choose foods that match the color of your theme. Or create new names for the dishes you are presenting to make them tie into the theme. These little extra touches will help people to remember how creative you got with the execution of your party's theme.

2. Think outside the box

It's also a good idea to think outside the box when planning your party menu (again, a party theme can also help with this). Do something unexpected with your party menu. Serve foods that your guests will not be expecting, or serve foods in new ways that your guests might not have seen before. If your guests are expecting a certain type of food for your party, surprise them with something completely different. Find new ways to prepare or present certain foods, and your guests will leave impressed.

3. Make sure it tastes good!

Lastly, please make sure it all tastes good. It doesn't matter how fun or creative your food is. If it doesn't taste good it won't matter. Hire a caterer if you have to, but either way make sure that your friends leave remembering how good the food tasted. That lasting impression will stay with them longer than anything else.

Bonus tip: don't neglect the other aspects of your party!

Yes, the food is probably the most important aspect of your party. You should put the most effort into that. But don't make the mistake of thinking that gets you off the hook with the other aspects of your party. Serve your food in nice service dishes. Use nice linens. Buy or rent chair covers to cover the stains on your chairs, and get new rugs to hide the holes in your carpet. Clean your house, put up decorations (even if they're simple and inexpensive), and play good music that will match the rest of the feel of your party.

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