How to Plan a Birthday Party on Short Notice

How to Plan a Birthday Party
So you forgot about a friend or relative’s birthday. It happens to all of us, and it can become a highly stressful situation if you also need to plan a party in their honor. Here are a few tips for helping make a birthday party planned on very short notice go smoothly.

When planning a birthday party on short notice, your options for activities can be limited. Watching a movie or playing a board or card game doesn’t require much planning at all.  There are plenty of party games out there that need little to no materials, like Pictionary or charades. It is also a good idea to only invite a few people, such as close friends and family, so that there are less people to entertain and it is easier to do a low-key activity.

Another way to avoid having to entertain at your home on short notice is to go out for the birthday party. Call around and find a restaurant that will take a reservation, or plan a group movie outing. These ideas will both be easier if you invite a smaller number of people. If you’re close with the birthday individual and the other guests at the party, it doesn’t matter much which activities are planned. Close friends won’t mind that you didn’t have time to plan an elaborate party!
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Depending on how close you’re cutting the planning of this party, you may not even have time to bake a birthday cake. In this case, you can either pick up a cake from a bakery or use a mail order bakery service for a convenient delivery of your cake. You can also ask guests to make the party a potluck, so you only have to make one dish for the party and the rest will be provided. The same goes for beverages – make the party a BYOB function to avoid having to spend time planning and buying drinks.

Party decorations are easily forgotten when planning a party on short notice. There’s no need for lots of banners and party hats, even if it is a birthday party you’re planning. Let the cake you pick up from the store or order from a mail order bakery act as the “birthday” part of your decorations. Otherwise, small touches like fresh flowers and nice cloth napkins will go a long way. As long as the atmosphere is inviting, fancy decorations won’t be missed.

So, keep it simple and look for help from the other guests and your last-minute birthday party planning will be easy and stress-free!
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