How To Avoid Accidents In A Swimming Pool

Regardless of the season, a pool with water can be dangerous if proper precautions are neglected. With the multiple pool designs out there, and pools in backyards becoming more common every year, the importance of pool safety has become paramount in the society. In order to enjoy pool experience, here are some safety tips on how to avoid accidents in a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool

1) Know CPR - Knowing CPR is the biggest responsibility that a pool user can have. Regardless of how well other key rules are followed, accidental drowning can still occur. Knowing CPR and proper lifesaving techniques can turn an accident around and save lives. Take a class on CPR training. These are often available locally and are normally free or have a minimal charge.

2) Understand Lifesaving Techniques - If someone is in trouble while swimming, never swim out to rescue them. Always use proper flotation devices or offer a pole for them to grab so that one can pull them to safety without entering the pool themselves. The reason behind this ideology is someone who is struggling in the water may panic, at the time when one reaches to save, and pull the person under the water as well, who have come to save.

3) Restrict Pool Access - The best way to avoid accidents in an unsupervised pool is to restrict access to it. For above ground pools at home that depend on ladder access, remove the ladder from the pool and relocate it by chaining it to a tree or fence post. For pools with decks built around them, make sure there is a locking gate or the steps that can be raised to keep children safe. Below-ground pools always needs be fenced off, with locks installed on the gates.

4) Outlaw Goofing Off - Make certain that children are not allowed to horseplay or run around the pool. If the pool is less than six feet deep, the depth is too shallow for diving. Make sure children understand this, and always follow the safety guidelines. Restrict the use of toys, which can cause, accidents. It is advisable to use only soft toys such as rubber ducks, and water balls to play in the pool. Toys which are battery operated needs to be avoided. Even home pools need to have these rules for the safety of everyone involved.

5) Adult Supervision Required - Never leave your children unattended at the pool for any reason. Regardless of your child's age or swimming ability, accidents can and often happen. Unattended children can quickly become overzealous in their pool play, resulting in accidents both in and around the pool. The best way to keep your children safe is to stay near them at all times, and be ready to intervene.

By following these five basic pool tips, one can avoid accidents in any pool, and swimming pool can be a source of safe entertainment for families. Whether using a public pool or a backyard design, safety always begins when all the rules are followed.
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