Five Ways to Tame Clutter in Your Garden

Tame Clutter in Your Garden
Does your garden look like a mess? If so, it's about time that you tame the clutter in this space. Remember that next to your living room and kitchen, your garden is the place where you most likely entertain your guests, and the clutter in this particular area can limit its potentials to becoming a peaceful retreat. So if you're ready, here are five tips you can follow to make your garden clutter-free.

Tame the greens
Weeds, overgrown shrubs and trees are likely growing in your garden. And while they may all be green that doesn't mean they look pleasing. Untamed plants only make the area appear more cluttered. In such case, the best thing you can do is to groom them. Remove dead plants, cut overhanging tree branches and prune shrubs, but make sure to leave enough greens to make the space feel like a relaxing retreat.

Remove things that are out of place
The last thing you want to see in your garden are stuff that you never actually need there. Hence, remove anything in the area that is out of place and store them elsewhere. Take the time to pick up the debris in your garden and rake out all the leaves. Doing these simple tasks could go a long way to improve the appearance of your garden.

Tame Clutter in Your Garden

Dedicate a space for your tools
You know you can't keep all of your outdoor items in your garden, so you need to find a place for your garden tools, hoses, sprinklers and mower when not in use. Instead of stuffing these things in your basement or garage, you might want to consider organizing an outdoor storage shed. This small, stand-alone structure is built to withstand outdoor elements and can also provide a climate-controlled storage solution for all your gardening stuff. You can purchase ready-to-assemble storage sheds in different shapes, sizes and orientation. Just make sure to pick a unit appropriate for your needs.

Limit plant selections
Having a jumble of low-lying plants make your garden appear chaotic, not to mention that they make it difficult for you to look after them. Rather than having numerous variety of plants in one place, limit your selections. Plant them on beds or pots and arrange them by kind. You may choose to cover the bare soil with mulch to add color and texture. Limiting your plant selections will let you appreciate the beauty of each variety and when properly grouped together, they can lend a more calming mood to your garden.

Set a space for repose
Every garden should at least have an area where you can sit back and relax or entertain your guest. Hence, find a scenic spot in your garden and set up a table and chairs. If you don't have an expansive garden, consider blocking off one corner with a trellis, and train a vine to climb over it, then tuck a cushioned bench for a sweet escape.

Once you garden is looking neat and beautiful, keeping things up is just a matter of having the right attitude. That is, you should regularly attend to the upkeep needs of your garden so that the clutter won't collect. If you are able to do this, then you can be assured that your garden will look fresh and clean all the time.

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