Factors To Focus On When Decorating A Brand New Lounge

The living room is probably the most important part of the house to decorate when you first move in. Although it's vital to make sure the kitchen and the dining room are comfortable, convenient and fully functional, the place where members of the household are likely to spend time relaxing is probably the living room.

It's only natural that homeowners like to concentrate on getting the living room sorted out first and foremost. They can usually handle bedrooms that aren't fully to their taste for a time, but when it comes to having people over and generally taking pleasure in a new property, it's the downstairs areas that take priority.

So what are the main things to consider when decorating a new living room and getting it just right? The following factors are likely to play a central role in things.

The floor
A comfortable lounge will have clean and comfortable flooring. Carpets are great, although in modern spaces a lot of people are going for laminate or wooden flooring with attractive rugs instead. The trick is to get new flooring in as soon as re-plastering and other jobs are done or to clean deeply the flooring already in place if it's in good shape.

Decorating A Brand New Lounge

The lighting
Good lighting makes a huge difference to the comfort of a lounge area. It's important to have a few options in terms of setting the mood using light so dimmer switches tend to work really well for wall lights and ceiling lights.

The furniture
Comfortable furniture is really important in the lounge. If you've not already got a suite to install, it's worth spending decent money on a comfortable settee and a comfortable chair if you have room. However, don't be afraid to check out charity shops and second hand furniture shops for comfortable bargains.

The fireplace
If there is a fireplace in the living room then it will naturally become a central feature. You might want to think about installing a brand new fireplace, but you must do this before anything else takes place if that's the plan, especially if you want something made from marble or stone. Grand fireplaces tend to work well in both modern and traditional settings.

The walls
Good wall art helps to make the living room your own. It's something you can use to express your personality and your tastes more vividly. Don't rush into generic purchases for your walls. Take your time and genuinely consider what you want to see on your walls every day and what sums up your tastes most appropriately.

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