Cooking Methods to Ensure Salmonella Free Chicken

Nowadays, chicken is consumed by most people - simply because it is one of the most versatile ingredients out there, plus it is a great source of lean protein (-If you don’t eat the skin). When dealing with poultry meats, one of the main hazards is the possibility of salmonella poisoning. This is the main reason why you want to ensure that your chicken meat is completely cooked before you consume it. Different cooking methods will entail different cooking times. For instance, frying chicken legs will require about ten minutes, while baking a whole chicken will take much longer.

One can also bake a frozen chicken in the oven; however, the cooking time will typically extent 50% longer than usual. When using this preparation method, an easy way to determine when your chicken is done, is once the skin is crispy and golden brown and the white meat is tender with no pink bits showing. Although, for boneless chicken breasts - the cooking time is typically much shorter when compare to chicken pieces containing bones.

Stewed soup
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There are various types of cooking utensils/implements one can use for cooking chicken. If you want a healthy, yet tasty dinner - simply prepare your chicken dishes in a slow cooker. In actual fact, whole chickens are great for pot roasting (-or stewing) in a slow cooking appliance. It’s always a treat, because it is generally so moist and juicy that you and your family will be begging for more.

If you want to try an alternative method of cooking a whole chicken - why not try grilling it on direct heat, like on a BBQ. One can also grill a whole chicken under an oven broiler for a completely different taste. Preparing fried chicken pieces can also be quite simple if you know the right technique.

It’s even better if you have a pressure cooker. Always secure the cover of your pressure cooker tightly and decrease the heat to a simmer the chicken is fully cooked- which should take about 40 minutes. If you want something even healthier - you can make a hearty chicken soup in a slow cooker, using A LOT of vegetables.

If you do not find the chicken’s natural flavour enough to stir your appetite, you can always season it with pepper, salt and herbs. To establish whether your chicken is completely cooked, you can use a digital meat thermometer, or you can simply make an incision in a thick part of the bird to see that there is no pink flesh.

If you want to cook a healthy meal with meat, pick chicken – just be sure to cook it properly.

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