Celebrate NYE 2013 from the Most Popular Destinations Around Our Globe!

Popular Destinations Around Our Globe
New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and most people are trying to finalize their plans. There are lots of amazing places around the world to enjoy ringing in the New Year. Take a look at this list of the very best places around the globe to enjoy all the New Year’s festivities.

Sydney, Australia
This is always one of the most exciting places to be on New Year’s Eve because it is the first major city in the world to welcome the New Year. The highlight of the Sydney New Year’s festivities is the amazing fireworks show that lights up Sydney Harbour when midnight arrives. The best way to experience this amazing spectacle is on a boat out on the water, basking in the magnificence of the fireworks show and its reflection on the water.

Tokyo, Japan
The next major world city to ring in the New Year after Sydney, Tokyo is also one of the best. The New Year is the biggest holiday of the year for the Japanese. The country basically shuts down for an entire week, and the streets fill with revelers and festivals. Guests are always welcomed with open arms. The Japanese lose their traditional shyness with foreigners during the New Year celebrations, so it is the perfect time of year for visitors to come.

Popular Destinations Around Our Globe!

Bali, Indonesia One of the best times to go on Bali holidays is when the New Year rolls around. There are lots of spectacular beaches to enjoy the many fireworks displays that go off around the island at the stroke of midnight. Many people like to go for a midnight swim in the ocean to ring in the New Year as well. Bali has a wonderful party atmosphere all year, but it is especially wonderful for those who get to experience it during New Year’s Eve.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This is definitely one of the most amazing places to experience the New Year’s festivities. Copacabana Beach is the place to be as it is most of the time in Rio. More than 2 million people dressed in white clothing mob the beach to make for one of the most spectacular scenes imaginable. There are 11 barges of fireworks, loads of beautiful men and women in skimpy bathing suits and enough people dancing to get the sands rocking. Anyone who wants to have one of the wildest New Year’s celebrations of their life needs to spend at least one of them in Rio de Janeiro.

New York City, USA
This is an icon of New Year’s Eve parties. More than 1 million people flood Times Square every year to count down the dropping of the giant ball. This is the center of the universe on New Year’s Eve. More than a billion people around the world watch the festivities on television, so this is the place to be for those who want to be seen. The crowds start arriving early, so visitors should plan on staking out their spot in the early afternoon.

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