Bucket List Musicals You Must See

Musicals provide a great amount of entertainment, and there are a few musicals out there that not only tell a great story, but are so well written that they are some of the best performances you’ll see in your life.

There are certain musicals that you must put on your bucket list, and the following are five of them.
1. Hairspray
Hairspray is a classic musical, and there’s a reason for it. Not only is the storyline captivating, but the entire performance is entertaining and funny. Plus, the story touches on so many different topics. You’ll learn about first love experiences, dealing with segregation in the 60s and even learning who you are. Plus, it’s all promoted in an upbeat way, making it one of the best musicals of all times.

2. Phantom of the Opera
Even though this musical has been done repeatedly, it is one of the most popular broadway shows because the performance and storyline are epic. While the storyline is a bit non traditional (girl loves boy, boy loves girl, but phantom loves girl too), the music in this performance is what brings it all together and makes it a complete must see.

Bucket List Musicals

3. Rent
Rent is another popular musical that has been done multiple times, but it’s another great performance with great music and a great message. Through the performance, not only will you laugh and cry, but you will enjoy the journey of eight friends who live each day to the fullest and deal with being themselves. Some characters are straight, some are gay and some are crossdressers, and all are dealing with life in the late 80s when the AIDS scare was spreading like wildfire.

4. Avenue Q
If you enjoy laughing, Avenue Q is a great musical. But, it does use adult humor and insult comedy, making it a bad choice for those who are easily offended. Even though the musical uses puppets, you’ll easily fall in love with all of the main characters. Not only will you laugh throughout the play, but you’ll easily be able to follow the storyline and become immersed in the journey of the characters.

5. All The Jazz
If you enjoy movies with thick plots, All That Jazz is a great musical to see. The story follows a womanizing dancer through his conquests and drug addiction in a musical fashion. Though All That Jazz is not performed live as often as some other musicals on this list, the movie version is still a good supplement if you want to see an interesting and entertaining musical from the comfort of your own home.

Musicals are a different take on traditional plays and movies, and they provide great storylines and acting in a more entertaining way. If you want to be entertained in a different way, then make sure to put all five of these musicals on your bucket list. You will not be disappointed, and you may experience entertainment in a way you didn’t know existed.

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Melanie Gomez
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Melanie Gomez teaches piano music for beginners. Melanie has participated in various musicals and is now relocating to Brazil to learn more about Opera.

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