8 Creative Home Decor Ideas

Home is not only a haven, but it is also a reflection of your individual persona. However, if you wish to loom over the usual home decor trends, then going creative is an excellent option for you. Even if one is on a stiff budget, you may utilize the below-mentioned tips to create a warm and welcoming abode reflecting your creativity in the best possible way.

8 Creative Home Decor Tips:
1.    Bring in Some Colors
Color is one of the sheerest and fastest means to uplift your décor. While selecting a color theme, you ought to consider some rules for the color to work wonders for your space. Select colors, which are complementary as well as create a harmonized look. A useful tip is to consider the 60-30 rule. Here, the dominant color, which is usually the neutral tone must be present in around 60% in your house and 30% of the house should be painted with a secondary color. Lastly, utilize the accent color, bold or bright for the remaining 10% of space.

2.    Create an Attractive Focal Point
Focal point catches the attention as well as draws the eyes of onlookers when entered in the space. If planned well and creatively, you certainly can create a focal point a mesmerizing artwork piece. A bold area floor rug is the best to consider for drawing the attention of visitors and guests. Rug truly is one of the most fascinating home décor items, which can act as the best focal point in your living room. Further, hanging up a decent painting on the wall of your living room complementing the rug is sure to grab the attention. Avoid messing up the space by having several accessories around the focal point.

8 Creative Home Decor Ideas

3.    Fusion is the Key
Consider adding different layers of interest points to your space by blending various furniture styles, textures, patterns or colors. A single design style most of the times is not able to suffice and thus, having a fusion theme is the key here.

4.    Collection Fascination
Do you have a liking for piggy banks, plates, vases and other such items? If yes, then be creative and fill in your décor with collections to pop up the space. Avoid placing the collections adjacent to each other like grandma does with her precious statues. In fact, flaunt your collections in a surprising way all through the space. You may have a functional piece such as planter, coaster or a candlestick holder.

5.    Uplift your Lighting
Are you looking for some quick way to revive your home and create a soothing ambience? If yes, then you ought to update the lighting in your house. Here, you can make use of deep-set halogen lights for making the room appear elegant. You may even render a complete new look to all those existing lamps by spray-painting them with exciting colors. Take full advantage of natural light by having a mirror exactly opposite the window.

6.    Enlarge Small Space
You can make a small area appear bigger in your home by having mirrors with attractive frames. Dangle window treatments starting from floor to the ceiling for elongating a central wall. Introduce loads of interest with differing patterns for drawing the attention to the area rug, cushions or furniture pieces in the room.

7.    Be Functional
While revamping your home, it is imperative to consider as how you wish to use the space. If you wish to entertain and have several guests in the space, then seating arrangement should be your priority. If you have kids at home and need to be functional in organizing their toys, opt for pieces that offer good storage area. Most importantly, consider the maintenance, comfort and traffic flow for creating a home décor, which blends effortlessly well with your persona and preferences.

8.    Bring Home the Outdoors
Whether you reside on a mountain, beside a lake or in a skyscraper, you always have the liberty to make use of natural elements for your home to get a welcoming, warm and fresh feel. Natural elements can be anything such as sea glass, knotted wood or flora and fauna that make attractive statement in a home décor.

Lastly, look around your home for items that you can reuse as home décor accessories such as empty bowls of mayonnaise, sauce, coffee, etc.

Being creative gives complete liberty to use your mind to the core and come up with some awesome and unique ideas.

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