7 Great Books For Your Toddler

Reading is a fun activity for you and your child. It satisfies their curiosity and their need to bond with you. Here are seven great books for your little one.

Baby Happy, Baby Sad
From babies to toddlers, children switch moods fast. This book will help your child understand these two emotions. Afterwards, you can ask him what makes him happy and what makes him sad. This book is by Leslie Patricelli.

Green Eggs and Ham
Who doesn’t know Dr. Seuss? His books are well-known all over the world and by different generations. Green Eggs and Ham is a classic rhyming book that your toddler will surely enjoy reading over and over again.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an empty department store all to yourself? Follow Corduroy’s quest through the empty halls of a department store as he looks for his missing button. This book teaches basic values and sheds light on the difference of a luxurious life and a simple life. This book is by Don Freeman.

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How I Became a Pirate
Kids often dress up as pirates. Discover Jeremy’s ocean voyage where no one eats vegetables and life is grand. This is a crazy adventure that you and your child will enjoy reading. This book is by Melinda Long.

The Family Book
If you have a mixed family, a step family, an adopted family, a single parent family or even a family with both parents of the same sex, this book is for you. All these kinds of family, including the traditional one, are featured in this book. They are presented in a funny and accepting way. This is a good way to teach your kids about your family or other different families. This book is by Todd Parr.

Are You My Mother?
A confused young bird asks everyone he encounters if she is his mother.  Your child will have fun answering “No” every time the young bird asks his question. This teaching book is by P.D. Eastman.

Diary of a Worm
This is a hilarious story of a worm who keeps a diary chronicling the differences of being a worm and being a human. He says that he can’t have a dog nor chew a gum but doesn’t have to go to the dentist because he has no teeth and therefore no cavities. This book is by Doreen Cronin. Ask your child to be creative and say the difference of being a cat, a bird, a fish, etc.  and a little boy or girl.

Read to your child as much as you can and when he learns how to read, encourage him to read on his own by giving him different kinds of books.
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