4 Must-Read Posts For Fans Of Cool Restaurant Design

Do you love eating in style? Are you always on the hunt for fabulous food in a super-cool setting? Do you just like looking at awesome photos of cool stuff?
If you answered yes to any of these, then you’re in for a treat – we’ve delved into the coolest corners of the interwebz to pick out 5 brilliant blog posts that showcase the world’s trendiest restaurants.
So make yourself comfortable and let the blogging banquet begin…

 1.    ‘Best New Restaurant Design’

Back in May, Architectural Digest Magazine came up with their own list of 12 “eye-catching eateries where the architecture and interiors are as exciting as the cuisine,” complete with mouth-watering insights into the food on offer.
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 2.    ‘The World’s Most Innovative Restaurant Interiors’

FastCodeDesign.com, the home of “inspiring stories about innovation and business, seen through the lens of design,” picked out their highlights from the 2010 tome Eat Out! Restaurant Design and Food Experiences, exploring the concept of “dining as art”.
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Cool Restaurant Design

 3.    ‘10 Magnificent Modern Restaurant Designs’

TheCoolist.com is the web’s very own Encyclopaedia of Cool, so it’s only fair that they should get a mention here. From industrial chic to tree house style, they’ve come up with an awesome list featuring stunning photography from restaurants in all corners of the world.
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4.    ‘The Most Stylish Eateries in the World’

Feature wall mural suppliers ohpopsi.com asked 7 of the world’s most discerning design bloggers to tell them about the restaurant or bar interiors that get them inspired. They didn’t disappoint, coming back with a completely contrasting mix of styles sure to offer something to suit everyone’s tastes, with locations spanning London, New York, Berlin and beyond.
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If that lot hasn’t got your stomach rumbling and your creative juices flowing, we don’t know what will! Whether you’re looking for amazing places to eat when you’re on your travels, you’re redesigning your kitchen and you need some inspiration, or you just appreciate good design, we’re sure there’s something for everyone here. But we also know there are plenty more undiscovered gems that also deserve some credit, so if there’s a fascinating find you’d like to share, make sure you leave us a comment below, and hopefully the list will keep on growing.

We can’t wait to see what the next generation of architects, interior designers and restaurateurs come up with, but as soon as we find out, we’ll be sure to let you know!
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