10 innovative ideas for creating home storage spaces

If your closets are stuffed to the brim, don’t fret! There are dozens of feet of hidden storage space in our home if you think outside the box. From the bed to the closet, no space should be left unused! Here are 10 innovative ideas for creating more storage in your home.

Under-bed storage – The typical queen sized bed has more than 6000 square inches underneath, and if you’re not using it for storage, you’re missing out on valuable space that can be used for a variety of things. This space can be used for anything from seasonal clothing (think about getting flat bins for winter sweaters or summer clothes for storage on the off season) to blankets and bedding. If your bed sits low, consider purchasing some inexpensive platforms for your bed to give it some lift.

Corner cabinets – In almost every home, there is one cabinet in the home that is inaccessible or awkward shaped. Instead of neglecting this space (or instead of your things becoming lost in them!) purchase a lazy Susan or pull out drawers to make it easier to access.

Wall space – Look at the walls of your garage or extra rooms; Are they bare? If so, you can use them for hanging storage. Buy inexpensive plastic crates and hang them on the walls to make DIY storage boxes. Hang shelves for open storage space. Use wall space to hang and organize tools. You can even hang bikes from garage walls to keep from taking up valuable garage space.

ideas for creating home storage spaces

Ceiling storage – Kitchens are a great place to hang pots and pans from the ceiling. Hardware stores sell kits that let you attach decorative hanging storage to add detail and additional space to your kitchen décor.

Under stair storage – The small spaces under staircases great locations for bookshelves, toy storage and a place to store collections and knick-knacks. Building space is easy with DIY storage kits from hardware stores, or you can buy plain wood to make simple bookshelves.

Seating storage – Multi-purpose storage is key in a small place, and one of the best ways to do this is to create storage in your seating areas. Think about adding a hinged seat to you bay window or purchasing ottomans or end tables with hinged seating that hides valuable storage space.
Attic space – Many houses have attic areas that remain largely unused. It’s easy to change that with the simple addition to a built-in ladder and hatch area above. Use the attic to store seasonal items that you don’t use regularly.

Doubling up large areas – If your home has a large space that you believe could be more functional, double up your space by adding a hanging bar or stacking storage boxes that fit the area. This gives you twice the space for smaller items.

Entry way – Many people throw off their shoes as they walk in the door, but using an entry way closet (or building small shelves to store shoes) can give you additional space for clothing and keep your entry way looking much neater and cleaner.

Door space – Bathroom doors or pantry doors are ideal places to storage small items by using plastic shoe storage hangers. Hang them on the back of the door and add small things in each “pocket”, like cotton balls or q-tips in the bathroom or seasoning packets and spices in the pantry.

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