Why Not Light Up The Sky

Sky lanterns, or wish lanterns, date back more than two thousand years and originated in China. It is unsure who invented the first Chinese lanterns but many have been credited with their invention. Zhuge Liang, the chancellor of Shu Han, Chu Ko Liang and Kong Min all have been accredited with the invention of flying lanterns. Sky lanterns are flying lanterns filled with hot air created by a fuel cell situated within them. Chinese lanterns were originally used as military aids to communicate within battle. Less commonly known, is that Chinese flying lanterns are widely are considered to be the world's first hot-air balloon.

Since the invention of wish lanterns, these flying lanterns have become an integral part of Asian culture. Wish lanterns are particularly popular in Thailand where flying lanterns are used at celebrations. The release and floating sky lanterns are symbolic for good fortune, making wishes and casting problems away into the sky.
The sky lantern festival has a long tradition within Asia. Every year, the Chinese worship and celebrate the Taoist Heaven Officer on the 15th lunar day  with the release of sky lanterns around temples and main squares.

Why Not Light Up The Sky

The trend of releasing sky lanterns to the sky has found widespread popularity within the UK. Perhaps, it was British travelers visiting the sky lantern festivals in Asia who brought back this tradition to the UK. It possible may have been the Chinese residents and descendants living in the UK, who inspired many people to seek flying lanterns as a form of celebrating weddings, parties and festival.

The release of wish lanterns is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any festivity. Lighting chinese lanterns and spelling wishes and good blessings as they set of into the sky, creates a communal sense of sharing and celebrating a special occasion.

The colour of wish lanterns can be symbolic. Floating sky lanterns in blue shades are according to Asian tradition a symbol for immortality and peace. Pink stands for love and trust whilst white represents good health. Therefore, choosing pink floating sky lanterns for a wedding may be the appropriate choice in celebration of the newly wed couple.

Whatever the event or occasion, floating sky lanterns can make a stunning display. However, Chinese lanterns can pose a health and safety risk if these have not undergone rigorous quality controls. Therefore, it is important when considering the purchase of floating sky lanterns, to only buy from companies stating that these have undergone fire proofing testing.

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