Why Failing Your Driving Test at Least Once is a Good Thing

If you failed your driving test on the first attempt, don’t worry! You might be a better driver than all of your peers who showed off their first-time success.
I’m aware that although we’re only at the third sentence of this post you may think that I am either crazy or have no idea of what I’m talking about. However, there’s plenty of evidence to support this idea, continue reading and you'll find out how every cloud might just have a silvery lining.

A Lack of Confidence is Less Likely to Betray You
Statistics show that first-time passers’ ability to manage a car is often counterbalanced by thought that “everything is under control”. Such overconfidence makes them underestimate factors such as weather, road conditions or other motorists’ actions.
Conversely, second-time passers show higher levels of concentration when sitting in front of the steering wheel and therefore are sometimes considered to be safer drivers.

Why Failing Your Driving Test

No Effects on Your Insurance
Opposite to what many believe, failing your driving test does not increase the cost of your car insurance. The number of times you take your test is a secret as well kept as the formula for Coke and it is not disclosed in your driving history, which makes me highly suspicious about how many attempts it took the person who decided on the content of the driving history to pass his test.

Peace and love on the road
I’m not sure if it’s because they left all their nerves and stress at the driving test, or because the test has some kind of psychological power that distinguishes between peaceful and easily alterable people, but research shows that second-time passers are less likely to get caught up with road rage. Taking into account that the UK is a country with one of the highest rates of road rage (with 85% of drivers admitting to have suffered it) failing the exam may have paid off well in terms of safety.
The above proves that every failure is a step closer to success. Hopefully those of you who didn’t pass the first time now feel a bit better about it – and those of you who did, don’t lose sleep over it! There are exceptions to every rule.

If someone you know needs to take the driving test again, why not try cheering her/him up by sharing this article? A dose of optimism and encouraging statistics will certainly do no harm!
About the Author:

Claudia Baldellou is a travel blogger with a passion for safety and security. She enjoys digging into reports to find those statistics that break the odds. She writes for Insure Daily.

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