What You Shouldn't (and probably wouldn't) Buy When Shopping Online

Online shopping has become ever more popular. Gone are the days where online shopping was reserved for only the technologically literate. With fears surrounding security and safety having been all but allayed, replaced by feelings of convenience and accessibility, the UK has become the biggest adopter of online shopping in the developed world.

Statistics released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in 2012, revealed that 60% of all adults in the UK bought something online in 2011, with the figure set to rise again in 2012. A statistic that helps to contextualise the fact that one in every ten UK pounds spent in retail were done so online last year.

Despite this, we shouldn’t be prepared to abandon the physical purchase just yet, as there are a number of purchases that should still be made in person.

Clothes, Shoes and Accessories
Every designer and shop will label the size of their products differently. There is no standardized criterion for determining size in the UK, and with ‘vanity sizing’ becoming more prevalent, there really is no substitute for trying clothes and shoes before buying them.

Shopping OnlineCars
Buying a car is a massive investment, especially if new. So it is always better to seek personal service, where an effective sales person can steer you through any issues you may have or problems you may incur down the line. Also, when buying online there is no option of a test drive, meaning you will be unable to judge that all important ‘feel’ of a car.

Fresh Food Items
There is a lot to be said for the convenience of buying your food shopping online, but there is nothing worse than looking over your bounty, preparing to get all Gannet Jackson or Vincent Van Scoff, only to discover you are left with black and bruised bananas and a bag of potatoes on the turn. So, get out there and run your eye over your fresh foods before purchase.
The last three examples represent products that although you can buy online, perhaps are better made in person.  However, I’ll leave you with a couple that just because you can buy doesn’t mean you should and evidence that perhaps shopping online has given us too much choice.

A Wife
For fear of falling foul of the same marketing techniques as McDonalds, where you look up at the menu and are presented with a picture of a fresh and juicy burger, only to be given a soggy and unappealing meal with only 50% of the vitality displayed from the picture, perhaps choosing a wife based only on the strength of a photograph is not the best move.

A Soul
We’ve all heard the phrase ‘selling your soul’, and with only one search on Google you can discover people doing just that. However, if you are in the position of needing a new soul, how can you tell the one you are purchasing isn’t already tainted or even worse, just a small bottle full of air?
Have you got your own nightmare tale of something you have purchased online or come across something that you hope never falls into the wrongs hands? If so, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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Stevie Carpenter
About the Author:

Writer Stevie Carpenter investigates why shopping online doesn’t always offer the best solutions, pulling out of his evidence bag examples ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary. He writes for K3 Retail.

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