What Is The Best Way To Drive On Icy Surfaces?

Freezing temperatures are tough enough to deal with in general but when they begin to create treacherous conditions on the roads it means that plans have to be adjusted or even cancelled. There are some times when the roads simply have to be avoided but in a lot of cases the situation just calls for more care to be taken. When you are driving on surfaces with ice or snow keep these tips in mind.

Ensure that visibility is up to standard
Firstly, if you are driving in conditions when visibility is in any way impaired you have to make sure that you can be seen well enough by other drivers and pedestrians too. In order to do this you have got to ensure that your lights are in full working order and that there is no snow obstructing them for example. Wintery conditions on the road can create fog and snowfall so your lights are crucial during this time.

These conditions can often come about at the same time as ice on the road and if you cannot be seen fully it can lead to other drivers only noticing you at the last second as you pass and this can create its own dangers. In addition to making sure that you are seen you also have to clear your windscreen and mirrors fully so always remove any snow from these areas as well as the roof to stop it from falling onto the windscreen while you are driving.

Best Way To Drive On Icy Surfaces

Give your car the best possible grip
Snow and ice often compromise the amount of grip that your car has so there is a clear need to improve the amount of traction that you have during these moments. At all times you need tyres that have the minimum amount of tread depth (1.6 mm across three quarters of each tyre) and it is not just a legal requirement it is an absolute necessity when it comes to the safety aspect. Tyres that do not have enough grip are incredibly dangerous and besides ensuring that this is taken care of you may also want to consider using snow chains.

Look out for black ice
Among the hazards that winter brings on the road is black ice. This is such a danger because of the way it blends in with the surface so you should make sure that you exercise some additional caution whenever you notice the road appearing to have a very smooth and glossy look.

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