Welcome to Paris. Enjoy the Food!

The French are known worldwide for their love of food and fine cuisine, but just what can you expect when you come to Paris and go out for a meal in one of the most romantic cities in the world? You will probably be familiar with some of the items on the menu such as escargot or creme brulee, but what else is there waiting to tantalize your taste buds, thrill your senses and increase your waistline? Aside from the food are there any customs regarding food that you should be aware of, or more importantly any behaviors to avoid?

Eating Out in Paris
Eating out in Paris is not a wallet friendly experience, though the quality of the food and the overall experience tend to make the expense worthwhile. Food is taken very seriously in Paris, meals are anything but rushed and everything is most definitely savoured. A lunch sitting can take anywhere up to two hours and will of course include wine to accompany the three courses that it contains. Lunch tends to be between the hours of midday and 2pm, and you may find that some of the smaller shops and outlets in the city will close during this time. Dinner is served between 7pm-10.30pm, and again is a very relaxed affair.

Welcome to Paris. Enjoy the Food!

Parisians typically skip breakfast, but if it is eaten then it will be something light such as a croissant and a coffee. You will not find many people in France sitting down to a heavy fry up of a morning. French pastries are something of an art form and aside from the traditional croissant there are plenty to choose from such as the pain au raisin or the pain au chocolat, all of which go incredibly well with the strong French coffee that is served just about everywhere.

Enjoy the Food

Lunch is widely regarded as the most important meal on the day. While looking for somewhere to eat, keep an eye open for places offering a prix fixe menu, as you will find this to be a very reasonably priced three course lunch. Lunch could be something like quiche or perhaps a croque-monseiur. Alcohol is served with lunch but far from getting you tipsy it is about complimenting the food and making for an altogether more enjoyable dining experience.

Traditionally dinner consists of five courses, these are the hors d’oeuvre’s followed by soup, then the main course, followed by salad, cheese and of course dessert. Each course is accompanied by a wine which complements the food being served. The top class restaurants still serve the full five courses though more are choosing to serve a more reasonable three courses to their diners. The earliest you will be seated for dinner is 7pm and the latest around 10pm. Make a point of enjoying some classic French dishes while you are here such as coq au van or cassoulet, and remember to save some room for the cheese which is often served in place of a sweet dessert.

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