Van Valeting: Impress Your Customers And Drum Up New Trade

If you are a trades person, you may wonder why you should bother to have your van professionally valeted. There may be so much dirt and grime inside the van that you think it is not worthwhile treating it to a specialist clean, and a waste of money, but by treating your van to a valet soon after you purchase it, it will retain its value and also serve as an impressive advert for you and your business.

Make it part of your regular routine
Booking a regular valet for your van should be part of your overall business strategy, after all, it is a business asset just like your premises, tools and computers. You would not dream of letting your premises go to rack and ruin, so why do that with your van? Think of it as an investment in its re-sale value, rather than an expense that is not necessary.

 Impress Your Customers And Drum Up New Trade

Professional van valeting
Professional valeting will make your van gleam as if it has just come out of a showroom. The inside will smell fresh and clean, and once it is in this happy state, it is easy to keep on top of the inevitable dirt and grime that vans attract through life on the roads.
The valeting company you choose can protect the bodywork with special wax polish that repels general road dirt and grime, making it easier to keep the van clean in between valets, and preventing faded or patchy paintwork in the future.

The benefits to your business
Your van is a mobile advert for your business, and by portraying a professional business image you could attract more customers and increase sales. People will notice that you take good care of your possessions, and this will lead them to assume that you will also take good care of theirs.

If you have a business ‘brand,’ with a recognisable logo and colour scheme that is carried through to staff uniforms, company stationery, and marketing literature, why not extend this theme to your company van. You probably already have your name and logo on the side of the van, but by keeping it spotlessly clean, it sends out a very positive message to existing and potential customers.

If you have employees, they are more likely to take care about how they drive and use the business vehicle if they know that you take good care of it yourself. Professional van valeting lets them know that you expect them to treat your vehicle with respect.

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David Hamer
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David Hamer is an online author, and expert on the benefits of van valeting.

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