Use Storage to Make Room for Holiday Guests

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people, but they can also help to bring family together. If you have friends or family that are going to be staying with you over the holiday season, you may be wondering if you have enough room for them. While you may not have enough room today, there are some things you can do to maximize your space and make your guests more comfortable.

Clear the Clutter

If you already have a guest room but it serves a dual purpose – a lot of people use their guest room desk as an office, for example – take some time to clear the clutter that accumulates. Start by getting a basket or box. Put all of the items in the room that are out place, as well as anything you just don’t know what to do with in the basket or box. Put small items back where they belong. Items that don’t have a permanent home that you need on a regular or semi-regular basis can be left in the box as long as you store it out of the guest room. If you really don’t need the items in the box or you haven’t used them in more than one year, consider donating or discarding them instead of letting them continue to sit around your house unused.

Use Storage to Make Room for Holiday Guests

Convert Your TV Room

Many homeowners have a dedicated TV room, study or den that they use to relax with their family, separate from their formal living room that they use to entertain. If you have one of those rooms but are short an extra bedroom for guests, considering converting the room by adding a sleeper sofa. You may need to pack up certain items in boxes and move them around while your guests are in town, but in a lot of cases, all you’ll really need to do is remove the clutter in the room. If you have a large piece of furniture that you’re replacing with a sleeper sofa that you want to keep, consider renting a storage space to house it safely until you’re ready to sell it or use it again in your home.

Rent Storage Space

Homes that don’t have a guest room may need to convert another room in their house – at least for a short period of time. If you’re like many homeowners and you do have a guest room but it’s just used as a storage room, renting a storage space can help you out tremendously. Storage space will allow you to keep items that are valuable or have sentimental meaning to you. Everything from pieces of antique furniture to accessories and family photos can be kept in a storage space. Storage spaces also come in a wide variety of different sizes, so no matter what you need to store, you’ll be able to find a unit that fits your needs.

Cleaning out that second bedroom for guests might sound like a big task, but more than likely it’s one that you can accomplish over a single weekend without breaking too much of a sweat. You might even find that you prefer having that second room for guests or light office work instead of keeping at as a room where you just store things you might need at some point.
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