Touring Around The World

Touring Around The World
Time is always limited when we go on holiday and finding enough time to do all of the activities you and your family want to take part in and see is not an easy task. Where you are going on a tour around Cape Town or one overseas, there will be tours of churches, historical sites and much more are very hard to plan, which is why having a private guide or going on tour buses, cars etc is an invaluable choice. When you go on a tour the guide will usually be one of the locals and their knowledge will be vast and they will know where all the great places to visit are.

Of course while you are on a tour you will have your own list of places you want to see and this is when having a private guide is great. Depending on what kind of service you decide to select you can either have a personal guided tour or take part in a group tour. The choice is yours, it won’t make a huge difference but for tourists who are not on a budget they will usually choose to have a personal, private guide.

Touring Around The World
Both group tours and private tours are a great experience and very worthwhile, but it is up to you to decide which one is right for you. Hopping onto a bus and visiting the various tourist attractions is the perfect way to see the sights, but you need to be able to put up with the other people taking the tour too. Having tour guides is extremely educational and you can learn a lot.
Knowledge is the key to a successful tour guide, for example if you are going to be visiting historical sites you need to have someone with you who will be able to tell you all about the site. It is not the same as reading it in a guide book.

Private guides will also mean that the vacation will be filled with great attractions and experiences and no time will be wasted. If you are looking to get a better understanding of the local culture having a guide who is a local is very beneficial as they will know the people there and know the history well.

If your guide is a local they will also know the best places to go to eat, drink and have fun. Going with a travel guide also means that if menus are in a foreign language they are there to assist you and advise you on what’s good etc.

So basically having your own private guide for your tour will enable you to get more out of your vacation that what you would have. However, both group tours and private tours are fantastic and a wonderful experience.

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Nicola has chosen to go on a Cape Town tour around Cape Point or in the winelands and was deciding whether to do a private or group tour.

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