Top Things You Need to Know About Your Motocross Bike

As with any sport, full knowledge of your motocross gear and bike can mean the difference between a fun time and injury. Knowing not only how to work your bike, but how it works will help you to better understand how it should operate and could prevent a serious accident as you will better know when something is wrong. Motocross Action Magazine has many pointers for new and experienced riders and they suggest really getting to know a few key parts of your bike if you want to ride motocross.

Get to Know Your Clutch
It can be intimidating when first starting out to understand how a clutch works, but according to Motocross Action Magazine, it is actually very simple. They explain the clutch as being a ‘deadman switch,’ meaning when you pull the clutch in it is really disconnecting from the drivetrain and when released the engine and drivetrain link once again. The clutch has a pair of plates that slowly slip against each other before connecting and thus shifting gear. This is so the bike does not shift so suddenly that it overloads the engine.

Things You Need to Know About Your Motocross Bike

Get to Know Your Suspension
Keeping your suspension system in good working order is imperative to proper functioning of your bike, according to the magazine. They explain that all riders need to periodically grease the bike’s swingarm pivot, shock linkage, and steering head. This, they claim, will help to keep your bike running at its best. The article also suggests that the majority of problems experienced with the suspension system stem from pressure problems. They suggest first checking your tire pressure if the handling of your bike or the suspension does not feel right.

Get to Know Your Exhaust Pipe
Motocross Action Magazine suggests that riders get to know how the exhaust in their bike works. They explain that exhaust is essentially an alternating current with high and low-pressure notes. These notes travel in opposite directions and create backpressure which silences the bike and controls the power released.

Being Prepared Could Save Your Life
In order to safely and effectively become a good motocross racer, it is important not only that you understand the mechanisms of your machine, but also that you have the right motocross safety gear, including: a helmet, goggles, chest protector, boots, and pads. This knowledge and preparedness could save you from devastating injuries that could end your motocross career before you even get started.
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