Top Fake Tan Tips For The Perfect Look

Adding a bit of color to your skin might be your best beauty decision this season. And what other way can you do that if not with fake tan. You think you’ll require a professional to do it? Not always. There is no need for you to spend money on something you can do all by yourself. So if you’re ready to bronze yourself and enhance your beauty and appearance, here are very cool tips to make things work out for you very easily.

Prepare Yourself
No matter the kind of fake tan you want to do you will always need to prepare yourself first. Get under the shower and wash your skin clean. Make sure that you use exfoliate and body scrub to do this. Wash every part of your body, but try to avoid using oil based scrubs since they can prevent the tan from sticking to your skin. Once you’re done with washing you can then rub a very good moisturizer on your elbow, wrist, knee and ankles to stop the tan from building up on the patches.

Top Fake Tan Tips For The Perfect Look
Shaving before you tan is very important because it help the tan to better stick to your skin. Make sure you shave your leg or other body parts 2 days before the tan to avoid making your skin getting over sensitized, and to protect you from loosing your hard work to late shaving.

Apply The Product
Once you’re done with the shaving the next thing is to apply the product on your skin. Before you start the application make sure you wear a glove to protect your hands. Start the application from one leg using small quantities of the product. Finish one leg first before you move to the other one so you can at least have something to compare.

Please do not apply the tan on your palm. The best way to apply tan on the back of your palm is to shape your hand in a claw and then use a feathery material to rub it on and get in between your fingers. Applying tan on your face is the most challenging of all but there is no reason for you to be afraid at all. Just make use of facial face tans because of their softer ingredients or make use of bronzing powder to make your face color blend with the rest of your body. Don’t forget to tan your eyelids, the back of your head and your earlobes.

After The Tan
Once you’re done the whole tanning get a mirror and examine yourself. Fix any missed spots and dress in loose clothing to allow the tan develop overnight. In the following morning rinse off excess tan, shower as normal and dry yourself up. If you maintain your tan well it can last for nothing less than 8 days. One diet habit that can help make your tan last longer is to drink plenty of water. You should also make sure you apply moisturizers on daily basis to make the color rich and last longer.

You can also try using a gradual tanner or a tan extender

Select The Right Shade And Formula
There are hundreds of tanning creams and formulas out there but not all of them can be useful or perfect for you. Whether you’re using a mousse, tinted gel, spray or traditional cream make sure that you understand their advantages, disadvantages and best application method before you start your application. You should also work into your preferred color shade with care. For fair people who want to go dark it is important to first do a patch-test before you move on to the actual tanning to see how it will look on your body.

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