Top 5 Affordable Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you’re feeling the pinch of Christmas and not getting into the spirit of the silly season, then get in the swing of things and throw some Christmas decorations around the house. Christmas can easily become all about spending money and the actual spirit of Christmas often gets lost amongst the wrapping paper. So get in a jolly mood in no time with these easy (and cheap) Christmas decoration ideas.

Affordable Christmas Decoration Ideas
  1. What is Christmas without a wreath? It’s cheap and easy to make a wreath and they look welcoming and cheerful when you come home from a long day at work. The cheapest way to make a wreath is to go into the forest and snip off some Evergreen branches and tie them all together with some heavy-duty wire. From here you can spray-paint leaves and nuts in gold and red and voila! you have a wreath.
  2. You probably get a bunch of Christmas cards at this time of the year, so why not utilise them in your house decorations? You can either stick them to a window in the living room or you could grab a couple of leafless branches, pop them in a vase, and peg your Christmas cards to your newly made tree. If you want to get really fancy, you can even tie a ribbon around the vase – instant Christmas cheer.
  3. Pinecones are free or super cheap, and are a great way to make your own Christmas decorations. Just grab a couple of pinecones from the forest or your nearest florist, spray paint them with your leftover paint from the wreath and you have a cheap and easy Christmas decoration. Don’t feel limited to just using red, white and gold paint. You can experiment with lots of different colours and you can even theme your house in specific colours.
  4. If you’re feeling really lazy then this one is for you! If you don’t have a pot plant already, then grab one with long branches and some nice green foliage. All you need to do now is buy some red ribbon and tie bows on to the branches – done!
  5. Last but not least, is the classic tip for affordable Christmas decorations – get them after Christmas and save a ton! All the shops want to get rid of their Christmas stock as soon as Christmas is over, so get down to your local Christmas retailer and grab up a bargain on December 26!
That’s all folks. Hopefully you will be feeling jolly (and a little crafty) by the end of making your home a Christmas wonderland.

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