Tips On Picking The Wedding Reception Venue

Besides picking a wedding ring for a bride, one of the second important things on a couple’s list is deciding on the wedding location and actually booking the venue. This can be very devastating as there are thousands venues to chose from and the y all come with various packages.
 Reason why it is extremely important for you to take time when making this decision, think really carefully and make sure you do all your homework in advance.

Here are a few tips to facilitate you make that very important decision.
  1. Think location, which area or location would both of you like get married. In other words would you like to have a city wedding, a traditional hometown wedding, beach wedding, Winelands wedding or forest wedding the list goes on and on. Find out which venues are available in that area. Speak to your mate find out what his or her preferences are between having an indoor vs. outdoor ceremony, tented receptions vs. a reception hall, church ceremony vs. no church ceremony.  It is better to have a clear idea about this so that you can save yourself time in having to search though various types of venues available in that province.
  2. Specify more or less the number of guests that you will be inviting.  It will be pointless to be looking at a venue that can only cater 50 people when you are planning on inviting 150 guests or to book a venue that can accommodate 300 guests when you will be inviting 50 guests.  I normally advice couple to view 5 venues of their choice. Often it is always a love at first sight kind of thing. I believe it is a venue that finds you don’t find it.
 Picking The Wedding Reception Venue

Below are some of the aspects to have in mind when viewing a venue:
  1. Are there enough parking spaces for your guests? If yes how far is the parking from the wedding venue?
  2. What is the venue’s noise policy? If your crowds are noisy and like to party then you know a midnight showdown will not be a good choice.
    1. If you are planning on having an outside wedding, make sure the venue can offer an alternative solution in case of a bad weather.
    2. If you are planning of having a traditional church ceremony, how far is it from the reception venue? Familiarize yourself with their church policy with regards to different religions. Also some religious organization has very specific terms and conditions with regards to decorations, flowers and candles.
I hope you will find these tips on picking the wedding reception venue effective and that they help to plan your wedding day successfully.

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About the Author:

Sara wrote this article after doing some research on wedding venues Western Cape and wanted to share the information.

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