Tips And Tricks For Keeping The Heat In

During the winter, the cold weather outside makes us appreciate the warmth of our homes all the more, but if your house is badly insulated, it could be letting all of your precious heat escape. If you find that you have to wear layers of clothing to keep warm and you can see your breath indoors, you might want to improve the insulation of your house by taking a few of the following steps.

Blocked Radiators
To begin with, have a look in all the rooms of your house to see if any of the radiators are being blocked by furniture. A piece of furniture in front of a radiator will absorb the radiator’s heat, thus preventing the radiator from releasing the heat into the room. By moving any such pieces of furniture, you will help your heating system heat up rooms more efficiently.

Insulating the Attic
If you don’t already have it, attic insulation can make a significant difference to the temperature in a house, as well as saving you up to 15% on energy bills. Heat rises, so the heat in your home will simply rise and escape through the attic if it’s not well insulated. It’s worth investing in attic insulation if your house is cold as you’ll make the money back in the long run.

Tips And Tricks For Keeping The Heat In

Windows and Doors
Heat also escapes through windows and doors, so make sure that any cracks or holes are sealed. Keep the doors between rooms in the house closed, as this will stop heat being wasted on empty rooms. Draughts sometimes enter a room from the crack at the base of doors, so invest in a few draught excluders to place at the bases of interior doors. Heavy curtains in front of windows in the house will stop heat from escaping if drawn once it gets dark.

Other Considerations
Pipe and boiler lagging will prevent your hot water from cooling down too quickly so you can ensure that your showers, baths and hot water taps won’t surprise you with glacial water. Lagging is cheap, can be acquired in most hardware stores and it’s another insulating solution that will save you money in the long run. Cold can get in through the tiniest of openings, so don’t neglect these. Get keyhole covers for your doors and make sure your letter box is only letting letters in and not the cold.

Insulating your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, so don’t feel that just because you’re on a tight budget this year, you have to suffer on through the winter months without being able to do anything about the cold.

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Jason Anderson
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This article was written by DIY blogger Jason Anderson who installed new wall insulation in his house in October.

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