The Rising Cost of Car Ownership For the Young

As soon as we turn seventeen the thrill of driving becomes very real…and so does the cost. When better off friends find a shiny new car sat on their drive way on their seventeen birthday the race is on for everyone else to follow suit and get theirs. In reality the cost of driving is extortionate and the amount of teens able to own their own car is dwindling as more are being forced to push this expensive purchase back until well after university when they are in their first full time job.
A provisional licence followed by driving lessens and revision books can be over a hundred pounds just to learn the basics and that’s only if you’re a very quick learner. Then there’s the theory test followed by the practical and if these aren’t passed first time it’s back to the drawing board for more lessens and more tests.

Once you’ve managed to pass your test you need to get an automobile. If you’re not too fussy on the make and colour you can find cars for as cheap as a few hundred just to get you started, it’s the insurance , road tax and MOT tests to make sure it’s road worthy that can be triple what you paid for the car in the first place. If you can pass these hurdles and still have some pennies left over then you’ll need the rest for a tank full of petrol and some parking tickets.

Car Ownership For the Young

If you can manage all that and still have enough to live off you’re doing very well indeed. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case with many teenagers barely able to fit in college with part time jobs and before you know it it’s time for university where most student accommodation is on the university campus and within walking distance to town. With student railcards getting young people a third off rail travel and international coaches being as little as five pounds it can make more sense to leave the car until after your uni days are over. Even then most jobs will require some commuting and if you can avoid the morning rush of traffic and evening gridlock by continuing to use public transport you will be surprised how much your bank balance benefits.

If you can leave the driving until it is absolutely necessary not only will you be saving money in the long run but you’ll be healthier and have more time for other things rather than sitting in traffic or trying to find a parking space.

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