The Perfect Winter Plants For Your Garden

The winter is a tough time for your garden, but it doesn’t need to be. Instead of getting depressed about your shrivelling plants in the garden, do something about. There are some perfect plants which will grow in your garden all year around and will in fact love growing during winter time. There are some gorgeous coloured plants which can lighten and brighten up your garden in the drizzly cold months. You will need to do your research into these plants so that you can plant them at the perfect time, which will allow them to grow beautifully all year round.

European Ginger

The name should really say it for you, there is not a chance this plant is going to be dull and dark during the winter. The European ginger is the perfect plant to have in your garden during the dark winter months; this is because it has a high gloss, shiny leaves. These leaves will catch any light going and reflect it amongst the plants around it. The leaves are very smooth too touch and are in a rich dark green color, however the light which it catches will keep it looking bright. The European ginger grows low and in clumps, it will cover the ground and spread itself around other plants.

Winter Plants For Your Garden

Japanese Painted Fern

Add a bit of culture to your garden with a gorgeous Japanese painted fern, this beautiful plant will stand a mile out and catch the attention of all passers-by. The fern will add some colour to the garden as it is a beautiful soft grey-green colour and also has silver maroon foliage.

 White Wood Aster

The white wood aster is an endangered species which is such a shame as it is such a beautiful plant. It is still possible to get and you should try your hardest to obtain it. The plant grows best in the shade and it has gorgeous little white delicate flowers (look a lot like daisies) which grow on long vibrant green runners. This beautiful plant will create the perfect setting in your garden and will accompany all garden ware brilliantly.


The tiarella is a native plant and they love woodland conditions, this means it will be perfect for your garden in the winter months. The leaves on the tiarella are multi-coloured so will add a gorgeous bit of colour to your garden during the dark months. You needn’t worry as the tiarella will last the whole season and they also have an early flower bloom, so get them in early.

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