The Locksmith's Essential Lock-Picking Tools

The Locksmith's Essential Lock-Picking Tools
Professional locksmiths carry a variety of tools that assist them in picking locks. Locks come in many shapes, sizes and constructions, so multiple tools are necessary to ensure that each lock-out problem can be solved as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. Hands-on training and experience teaches locksmiths to use these tools without causing damage to the delicate mechanics of lock systems. Here are a few of the most common lock-picking tools found in the locksmith’s case.

The Locksmith's Essential Lock-Picking Tools
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Locksmith Tools for Homes and Buildings
  • Traditional lock picks are thin metal picks with a curved end. Picks come in various shapes for use with different types of locks. The locksmith inserts a pick into the lock and uses it to align the interior pins while another instrument rotates the lock. Inserting and removing a wide pick quickly can bounce pins into place. This method is called raking a lock.
  • Tension or torque wrenches are important lock-picking tools that are often left out of television and movie depictions of lock-picking. These small, L-shaped wrenches apply tension to the plug of a lock to hold the pins in place until all are successfully picked. When all pins are in position, the locksmith turns the torque wrench to open the lock.
  • Pick guns are mechanical instruments that vibrate an attached pick at variable speeds to align pins inside the lock. While this works on the same principle as lock raking with traditional picks, the process may be faster with the pick gun.
  • Plug spinners are useful when a lock is picked in the wrong direction, and it is necessary to move the plug without re-picking the pins. Different types of plug spinners accomplish this in different ways, but the outcome is the same; the plug is spun or flipped past the shear line.
Special Automotive Tools
  • Automotive pick sets contain special picks developed for use with specific automobile makes. If a pick matching the locked vehicle make is available, the locksmith can avoid manipulating the window or door to release the lock with a reach tool.
  • Wedges made from plastic, vinyl or metal are an important part of unlocking a car door without picks. The locksmith gently places a wedge between the car’s door or window and its interior to create a gap that allows room for the insertion of a reach tool.
  • Reach tools are long metal rods used to open locks manually or operate unlock buttons inside the car. Some reach tools are bendable or have an angled shape to reach into corners or awkward positions. Others have a loop or lasso on their end to grab rods or pull levers.
  • Used almost exclusively on older model cars with vertical locking rods, the Slim Jim is a thin metal device with a hooked or notched end; it slides between the car’s window and the weather stripping and disengages the locking mechanism by lifting it from underneath.
The Locksmith’s Training

Not only do your locksmiths have all the right tools for the job, they have also undergone special training that enables them to be detail-oriented problem solvers who can handle any type of lock-out emergency or security issue. Knowing how to use the tools of the trade is only part of a locksmith’s skill set. They must also learn to manipulate tiny devices with finesse and listen for faint mechanical sounds that help guide their work. Qualities like patience, precision and manual dexterity are required for everything from picking simple locks to installing advanced electronic security systems.

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