The Little Luxuries That Turn a Bathroom into a Home Spa

Is your bathroom simply that room in your house which has a bathtub and a toilet, or is it a peaceful and private retreat where you can relax and forget about all life’s worries?

If your bathroom is lacking that luxury that makes you want to lounge in the bath and pamper yourself, you just might be missing a trick. Why pay a fortune to go and get expensive spa treatments when you can turn your bathroom into your own private oasis for a lot cheaper than you think? You don’t need to do an entire renovation, just add a few simple details and you will be surprised by how different your bathroom will feel.

What are some of the affordable little luxuries that you can add to your bathroom?

A Towel Radiator
There is just something so comforting about stepping out of a bath or a shower and wrapping yourself in a warm towel. You can have this experience every time you bathe without having to time the cycle on the dryer just right. You can install a towel radiator in your bathroom in order to keep your towels toasty while you wash. A towel radiator won’t cost a fortune and the comfort of a warm towel will be priceless.

Luxury bathroom

It’s amazing what a little mood lighting can do. Instead of the harsh glaring light, you can relax in the bath with a scattering of candles placed around the bathroom. The flickering candlelight makes any bathroom into a peaceful and calming sanctuary where you can relax and forget all of your cares.

Aromatherapy is the science concerning the way that different scents affect our brains and there are many scents which trigger our bodies to calm down and relax. To create a tranquil spa in your bathroom, try using essential oils, bubble baths, soaps and candles with scents such as lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood, rose and ylang ylang.

Fuzzy Floor Mat
Stepping out of the warm bath onto the freezing cold bathroom floor can really ruin your tranquil spa-like experience, so make sure that you have a soft and fuzzy bathmat to sink your toes into when you first emerge from the water. You can then grab the warm towel from your towel radiator and you will be all nice and cosy!

These are just a few of the little finishing touches that you can add to your bathroom in order to make it a calming oasis where you can go to soak in the tub and rejuvenate.

It is the little extras, such as candles or a towel radiator, which turn a bathroom into a relaxing and luxurious spa experience.

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