The James Bond guide to an exceptional stag do

We’re here to help you in your mission to give your mate's single life the perfect send-off. We've got all the information you need to plan the perfect James Bond themed weekend for you and your friends. In typical Bond fashion, you’ll need to keep everything top secret. That means it’s your job to make sure everyone involved is tight-lipped about what the weekend has in store. Tell the groom nothing but the bare minimum: wear a suit and bring and overnight bag.

Remember that Bond always travels in style, so for transport into town you need go the full stretch. A limo offers all the class of Bond with enough space for all of your mates. Pop open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the ride. The first stop is drinks at an upmarket bar in town. Make it clear to everyone that cocktails are obligatory. Lead your mates in with swagger, rock up to the bar and order the classic Bond drink: Martini, shaken not stirred.

The James Bond guide to an exceptional stag do
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After a few cocktails it’s time to hit the casino and play a bit of poker. You can ring around first to try and book space at a live poker table for the proper 007 experience, or you can turn up and see what takes your fancy.

But don’t drink too much at the casino bar because tomorrow you’ll be off for a taste of the high-octane side of Bond’s life. Nothing says ‘Bond’ quite like fast cars, so why not go for a track day? Located at circuits throughout the country including the famous Brands Hatch, track days give you the opportunity to feel more like 007 himself than ever as you whizz round in luxury supercars.
After all that excitement it’s probably time to relax. A few more cocktails will help you all chill out whilst being the perfect cover story as you embark on your best bit of secret agent work yet…

Convince the groom that the weekend’s excitement is coming to an end before sending him up to the room to grab something you’ve conveniently forgotten. Surprise him in his hotel room with an out call from a classy stripper – what’s the Bond experience without a Bond girl to liven things up? Follow him up and crowd into the room to grab that much needed photographic evidence to hold over him in his married life!

Remember to debrief your mates on the way home and tell them that the weekend’s events are top-secret, classified information – the perfect cover story so the bride will never find out about your mischief.

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