The Fashion of Unusual Music Venues

Keen music lovers are flocking instead of the traditional full-fledged music venue and concert halls to unusual music venues across the country.

Kraftwerk, the German electronic pioneers, have announced that their next UK gig will be held in the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall.  The Turbine Hall will be transformed with PA and sound systems into a live performance venue. This gig, the band's first live performance in the UK since 2004, is much anticipated by the music industry. Audio, light and sound systems are expected to showcase the group's most celebrated repertoire with 3D visualisations and effects.

It is not the first time that this band has performed in a more unusual music venue. The bands affiliation with the visual arts inspired them to perform at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, earlier on this year and the Venice Biennale in 2005.

Some people may consider the electronic movement as the driving force for the change in music venues. Old warehouses, derelict airports, car parks, forests and other unused buildings were transformed with mobile sound systems and PA systems into sometimes week-long raves.

Last year, an organiser of classical music venues chose a derelict Victorian bath for a three day long performance instead of a full-fledged music venue. Each and every room and corridor awaited the guests to enjoy different artists and styles. Mobile sound systems, lighting and video was used in conjunction with the unique properties of the architecture to produce a spectacular venue. The vocal properties of the building and interior were used by the artists to enhance their music.

Musicians, such as the band Coco Rosie, go even further in their pursuit for the bizarre and unique. Instead of a recording studio equipped with sound and PA systems the musicians record music in their bathrooms. The echoing qualities of a bathroom and the distortion of vocal elements recorded within are inherently characteristic to their music.

Fashion of Unusual Music Venues

The full-fledged music venue are still highly popular, both among artist and visitors alike. Bespoke music venues have traditionally offered the listener superior sound quality with innovative bespoke systems.

However, with the latest technological advancements within PA and sound systems, a venue of almost any kind and nature can successfully host music gigs and performances without any deterioration of sound and quality. Specialist sound system hiring companies not only provide the relevant equipment but also knowledge for creating such venues.

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